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Do we have enough freedom?

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Do we have enough freedom? To answer this question I first had to ask myself the question, What is freedom? Political revolution? Putting a metal stud through your tongue? Standing on a box in the park and saying what you think? Backpacking around the world? Not being persecuted or tortured? Holding a passport and the right to vote? Spiritual enlightenment? Escaping grinding poverty? Dying your hair blue? Freedom from what? The oxford dictionary tells us that it is personal liberty, non-slavery, right to do, power to self determination But what are these but words. When I sat down to Study this subject, I was actually stunned by the complexity of the subject at hand. And I came up with more questions How can I write a speech in a few hundred word to define weather we have enough of something I have trouble defining? One person can tell me their view of freedom another can tell me another. ...read more.


In this county we have many rules to prevent many things. The first rules the human race wrote down were the ten commandments, these basic rules allowed societies to be run and still today our laws are based on them. Since those times we have added and manipulated rules so that they are not one or two lines but possibly thousands of lines in a paper. This covers supposedly every possibility. Lawyers still find loopholes. We spend millions of pounds every year paying professionals to find ways around these laws. So I ask myself what is the point make the rules simple and straight to the point lawyers wont be able to do this anymore. I think it is not really the basic laws we live on the that are the problem but the case laws. If somebody got hurt and manages to get money through court, for damages it means the law Is changed. So in the future so it is far easier to get the money in similar cases for others. ...read more.


We are told that need these forms and red tape, to prevent accidents and misconduct, but at what cost will we continue on this path. Until we have to ring up and tell the government we are going to the toilet. Many believe that we need the system in place of sueing people for compensation. But people sue there employers for accidents in the work place. The thing that worries me most about that statement is the fact that it was a accident. Not on purpose. If that is considered acceptable soon you will find that If some on bumps into a pole of a market on a street and they tip their cup of coffee on them selves because they were not looking where they were going. The stall holder will owe the person thousands in compensation. How long can we go on living like this. I think we need to put an end to this American style, I will sue you if you touch me attitude. And people should take more responsibility for their actions. Our freedom is being eaten away day by day lets stop it now. ...read more.

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