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Eminem steals golden statue and sent to jail

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YOUNG RAPPER JAILED FOR STEALLING A STATUE Eminem steals golden statue and sent to jail By: Randy Thwala Last night famous young rapper shocked fans by stealing golden statue. The statue Eminem stole was to be given to the "Best Male Actor". Eminem was found with the statue last in his hotel room in California. Police investigation The police said one of the room cleaners of this hotel was cleaning Eminem when she saw the statue in Eminem's bag. The cleaner, who's name wasn't found didn't open the bag she just saw it opened and she looked in and saw the statue and because it was already big news that the statue was stolen, she decided to call the cops. At this time when the cleaner found the statue Eminem was at the lobby. ...read more.


Yes, Eminem was also one of the nominees in this category for his good performance in his first ever movie "8 Mile", which was named "Best hip hop movie". The other nominees were Denzel Washington - "Training Day", Russell Crowe - "A Beautiful Mind", Will Smith - "Ali" and Sean Penn - "I Am Sam". Eminem in court When in court, rapper was pro that he stole the golden statue. Eminem had five witnesses that were also proven wrong when they said Eminem didn't steal the golden statue. These witnesses were 50 cent, Obie Trice and three members of the rap group D12. Surprisingly Dr. Dre was not called out to be asked questions. When Eminem was called up, the court was full of noise because it was clear he had stolen the golden statue. ...read more.


One reporter asked if Eminem stole the golden statue and if yes why? Eminem answered, "Yes I did steal the golden statue and because I thought Denzel Washington was going to win the award, I admit I was really selfish". After this answer Eminem was put in a police car and took to jail. People asked them selves if Eminem was going to release his album while he was in jail. I guess that's just for him to decide but it would be smart of him to release it when he's out of jail. Eminem fans wish him luck and still love him even though he is jail. We hope this doesn't reflect to the future of this successful or "illest" as he says it because the is a lot to expect from him. Does Eminem choose to be a rapper or a criminal? Let's let him decide that. By: Randy Thwala ...read more.

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