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EU & Child Proection with reference to the Irish Republic

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EU and Child Protection in the Irish Republic Introduction: Ireland is unlikely to develop as a role model for the EU in terms of child protection measures. This is basically because the Party in Power, viz, Fianna Fail, has been following a policy of 'pick and mix' leaning more towards a corporate capital model for development as a result of which the image of Ireland as a welfarist state has taken a back seat. The country's per capita spending on health care, schools education and child welfare measures has been one of the lowest among the EU countries and woefully less when compared with the counterpart in the UK. For instance, the annual spending on all levels of education compared to GDP per capita decreased from 18% to 17.3% between 2001 and 2002 which is way below the EU-25 wherein the average works out to 25.1%. The fact that spending on the primary and secondary education is particularly low speaks a lot about the lack of concern according to many in the areas of child welfare of which child protection is only one constituent. ...read more.


Access to Health Services: Child Health services must be accessible without the parental consent. The professionals in the public services should have adequate guidelines to protect the children and legislative initiatives in this regard are wanted. Child comes first: The Fine Gail Party has made explicit of its stand that it sands for the rights of the child. Its stress on the need for a family-friendly fiscal policy includes better child care and education. The bone of contention of the party is that current protection levels for children in Ireland is inadequate. It also want the age of consent to be kept at 17 besides asking for full protection of children under the age 15 and this has been submitted to the Dail and Oireachtas committees. The party specifically wants the EU to take an active role in the promotion of basic vetting standards and work towards a uniform system among all the EU nations in an equal manner .By far the vocal criticisms (with a barring exception pertaining the concept of Children First) ...read more.


Children should be conferred with the rights of being heard in all the matters that affect them. The demand of significance towards achieving the above relates to the seeking of an amendment to the 1937 Constitution. This amendment would restore a balance between the rights of the family as a unit and the rights of individual family members. According to it, the current situation is disproportionately in favor of the family which is in conflict with the International convention on the Rights of the Child. this would go a long way in addressing the current deficit in the constitution where there is an explicit absence of recognition of the rights of the children. It has called for the overhauling of the criminal justice system as applicable to the children, especially relating to the sex related issues so that they do not carry stigmas unnecessarily. Children First: All in all the party would promote the cause of Children First which in terms as a good model of development for the Irish Republic. . Reference; Source: Eurostat, Total percentage of the population at risk of poverty after social transfers, http://epp.eurostat.cec.eu.int/portal/page?_pageid=1996,39140985&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL &screen=detailref&language=en&product=STRIND_SOCOHE&root=STRIND_SOCOHE/socohe/sc0 22 ...read more.

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