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Headline: Fireworks: Friend of Foe?

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Headline: Fireworks: Friend of Foe? I love fireworks; I love the lights and colours and all the oohs and ahhs. That time of year is upon us again. But every time my cat hears a single firework go off he jumps up and his eyes start darting all over the place, he begins to tremble with fear, his teeth begin to chatter, he walks through the dark room and stands shivering in a dismal cupboard. Last year I pumped him full of tranquilisers, and plugged in a contraption which released what was called a relaxing aroma in his room. Both had no effect. Maybe I could try and get him drunk, but beer and wine don't appear to take his fancy. It isn't the lights, it's the bangs. It not even Guy Fawkes Night. It's any other night when the occasional firework goes off here, there and everywhere that's the poor creature has to relive this traumatic experience. ...read more.


Animals Hear Differently The campaign has been running for a mere two years, and as of yet very little has been done. It has been titled 'Animals hear differently', and the name speaks for itself. A dog's sense of hearing is so sensitive it can probably hear every piece of dust falling on a carpeted floor, or snowflake falling to the ground outside. The sound of a passing car sounds like a pneumatic road drill to a dog. Can you imagine what a firework sounds like? Perhaps car engine ticking over, or somebody cutting a tree with a chainsaw. No! It sounds like a Jet Aircraft taking off a runway. Stunning Skyrockets and the Law The new fireworks legislation is now in force. It states that shops that distribute fireworks for public use may only sell them up to three weeks before bonfire night, the week separating Christmas from New Year, Chinese New year and Diwali Night. ...read more.


As he tried to run from the horrific noise of the crazy can of chemicals lighting up the midnight sky he managed to run into a line of tragic events. Four young boys confronted him, and petrified him by tying a firework to his face, and setting the fuse alight. This traumatising, vicious and evil attack has left Billy dangling on his last string of life. If that first firework had not been let off, this whole experience could have been avoided. Last year the RSPCA received more than one hundred phone calls from concerned members of the public about animals affected by the use of loud fireworks. It is not just the common house pet that is affected, but also the wildlife. Last year the bangers created a prickly problem for our hedgehogs, as many were found outside in the open, flat on the road ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Parkinson 02/05/2007 English Language Coursework - Persuasive Writing - Draft 1 ...read more.

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