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History West

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History Coursework Law and Order Q1. Source A shows that the Mormons were very organized - due to the fact that they didn't want to go to the West for money, they wanted to build a community, far from the eastern states. Because of this, they concentrated on making their city successful, including law and order. Evidence to show this is grid roads with neatly laid out districts, farms and crops. These show that the Mormons were industrious, and the roads show they were efficient. Overall, the picture of Salt Lake City shows that the Mormons were civilized as well as organized. Although there is no evidence of proper law and order, we can assume from the picture that it wasn't a problem. Q2. Source B shows the difficulties of the mining town of Bannack. ...read more.


It says that illness struck, which implies that towns weren't looked after and had poor sanitation. The cabins are stated as poorly kept, which shows that people were in poverty. This happened because the land was taken up quickly from the gold rush, and only a few people got rich. Being poorly built, they were also built quickly during the gold rush. Overall, law and order wasn't the only problem in mining towns, but all the effects are from the same cause - the towns were set up quickly by miners to just make money from the gold rush. Q4 Source D illustrates what the problems of mining towns were like. It is a contemporary source, but the content is limited. It is only one person's view, and he wasn't actually there. But, due to the fact that the artist was from the time, we can assume that there were law and order problems in early western towns, and there are plenty of records of bank robberies in many towns. ...read more.


The content shows that not all cities were bad, that Virginia City was organized with a proper law and order system with lots of authorities. Q5 Source E is a notice made by the vigilantes to threaten the people - they would be lynched if the threat isn't taken. It shows that they would be willing to do this to protect themselves, but the vigilante committees did more harm than good, and they were originally temporary. They were set up because there was poor law enforcement or corrupt sheriffs, and the towns were far from civilization. Source B explains why vigilantes were needed, which relates to source E - people needed to protect themselves. Source D also explains the same reason - bank robberies were uncontrolled and violence was involved, so people needed to protect themselves. People fought off the robbery gangs, and they needed protection. This is linked to source E, of vigilantes. ...read more.

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