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I was watching the episode of COPS and I felt a need to voice my opinion about how horrible the sting operation the Alberquerque police department preformed.

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I was watching the episode of COPS and I felt a need to voice my opinion about how horrible the sting operation the Alberquerque police department preformed. Leaving a $4000 bike out in the open to try to entice people to steal it is horrific! I live in a city filled with robberies, car theft, rape, murder, violence, and drugs all of which are committed voluntarily by local criminals; and although i have never been to New Mexico I am sure they must have similar problems and better things to do with their police. I am from a city filled with low income people people who are not criminals, just plagued with the curse of being poor. Many, I believe, hard working, generally honest people, who may have never stolen anything in their lives- may make a spilt second decision to take a bike that could pay their rent for almost an entire year!! ...read more.


yet they spend about 35-40 thousand dollars per year to house, feed, cloth, and guard each a prisioner for one year] I believe that the show shows police officers as humans ... faults and all ... and helps to promote a positive view of these brave individuals that is never showcased is the local news or the printed press. The first thing that people need to know is that cops are people just like themselves that take very often a thankless job. Decent people respect the police as long as the police respect them. For the most part I believe that the police do respect the public they serve. It is unfortunate that it is never front page news. The types of prostitution stings featured on the show disturb me. I find it counterproductive to what good I believe the show does. ...read more.


What the heck are the rules for showing a person's face on COPS? I think the rules are way too protective of the offender. It seems that if they are drunk, stoned, high, or have a mental disorder they don't show the offender's face. Way too lenient. If an offender is drunk, stoned or high, that's his/her problem. And the only time mental health comes into play insofar as identifying someone is if they are in a mental hospital and/or being treated by a doctor. FOX needs to revise the rules on who gets shown and who does not. When COPS first aired I thought it was the best show on TV. I wouldn't miss an episode, but enough is enough. How many years? How many episodes? You certainly don't get the full story of each call. Please cancel COPS, it's worn out. How about more of America's Most Wanted type shows that actually helps catch felons, not someone that has a little weed or an open beer. ...read more.

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