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In the Constitution of the United States, the Second Amendment stated that every citizens had the right to bear arms.

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Second Amendment For the last few thousand years, weapons had scared the world history with hundreds not to say thousands of wars and slaughter of human being. People are to kill or be killed. Weapons are a common element of the modern world. The first weapon dates from the stone age which about 2,000,000 BC. At this time in history, weapons were used to obtain vitals and games. Humans have no slaughtering in between their own race. During the ensuing period humans began shaping stones and bones as weapons to hunt, but only to hunt. By the time we got to the 13th century, knives became a daily necessity due for protections against forest thieves and road robbers. In the 19th century, weapons were used as a tool to win a war. However, the 20th century weapons are now killing machines that are designed to kill, and accompanied to defense. As you can see, evolution brought us in the primary stage of weapons in the modern world. During the American Revolution, large amount of weapons and artillery were used. After the war, the Bill of Right and the 10 Fundamental Amendments were set up for the further expansion of the law. ...read more.


This new inventory of weapon aided criminals to have a higher rate of success on whatever their goal to was, to rob or kill. These new weapons promised definite accuracy, and the damages made by these guns or rifles are surely menacing. How can the government assure that the damage will not be upon us? Because of the 2nd amendment, citizens have the right to bear arms with in the household and their properties. Neighbors have great chance of being shot or their life being threatened. This week in Taiwan, Taipei, an old man was eating at a street-side restaurant in a small community. Another man came with a bowl of noodles but no where to sit. The old man offered the space across the table. They started eating and gossiping about the political parties with in the government, the old man opposed the young man's political party. Arguments began, the young man is frustrated by the old man's oppositions and they started fighting. The young man slipped out his gun during the quell and shot 6 bullets into the old man's chest. Certainly, the elder died, and the young man was arrested for felony. Few days later the young man was only charged with second degree because he was supposedly defending himself. ...read more.


The gun might be in Big 5 and few days later into the hand of a killer who is released for parole but seeks revenge. The same transfer would be used. Point is, if the police went to the seller's house and found any weapons, the seller will not be arrested if he or she is over 21. Due to the 2nd Amendment, the police can't even touch him nor confiscate the weapon because he has the right to bear arms. Impediments as the Second Amendment would hold true for crime rate increments. The 2nd Amendment should be deleted from the rest of the amendments. It not only provided criminals to have a chance to slip by, but it also encouraged people to do such crime. Modifying the law, Al Gore insisted in the second presidential debate that all handguns must be "licensed" by the government. Now the government passed the Brady law which suspends gun trading or selling to an individual who has a criminal record. That is not enough, as stated at the top, legal citizen could purchase gun and re-sell it to others which can't legally buy guns. Anyhow, the people within the area of these weapons will be in danger if the gunner is on roam. We excellent citizens cannot not be imperiled and persist in this menacing society. Crimes will strive if Second Amendment is enabled. ...read more.

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