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Legally Blonde

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Legally Blonde By Amanda Brown 1)Summary Elle Woods is first a student at the University of Southern California with her boyfriend Warner Hunington. One day, Warner invite her for dinner, because he wants to announce something. Elle hopes that he propos to her (Antrag stellen). But Warner tells her, that he will go to Sanford Law School and therefore he has to leave her because he wants a more serious girlfriend, who is good enough for his own high standards. First Elle is very down but then she thinks that she can also go to Law School, show Warner that she is serious enough and recapture him. After exams she can go to Stanford. She doesn't like Law School. It's difficult to recapture Warner because he has a fianc´┐Że named Sarah. Everybody thinks that she gives up though she stays there. A boy named Secret Angel always put his notes from the lectures (Vorlesungen) ...read more.


She has a Chihuahua. She likes to design jewelry. She knows that men likes her but she is only interested in her ex-boyfriend Warner Hunington. Elle needs her friends to talk, for example her sorority sisters Serena and Margot or the manicurist in Stanford. Earlier Elle liked more to go to parties or arranged them than to learn. Now she learns for Warner and for acceptation. Warner Hunington lll. Elle's Ex-boyfriend. He left her because he wanted to go to Stanford Law School and he thinks that she isn't serious enough to be his wife or the mother of his children. He has high standards, but in fact Elle is better in Law School than Warner. Serena & Margot Elle's sorority sisters. They think she is crazy when Elle decides to go to Stanford. They call her often. Eugenia After a while in Law School without any friends, Elle mets Eugenia, who is a bit like her. ...read more.


- Elle can impress Warner with the defending of Brooke Vandermark. - Who has to be better, man or woman? => Sarah and Elle both have better grades and Elle has success with the defending of Brooke. - Does Success makes attractive? Discrimination: - Elle is blonde and loves pink, the others discriminate her, they don't like her even though they don't know her really. - Elle wants to build the Blonde Legal Defense Fund (BLDF). It's mission wohld be to combat antiblonde discrimination in all it forms. Love: - Is it of value to wait for Warner? - Is it important if the partner isn't as serious like oneself? c) Structure, language The book has 47 chapters, all of them more or less short. The language is more or less easy. d) Narrator, narrating voices It is written in the third person. They are a lot of dialogues. e) Symbolism Nice comparisions: They went together like shampoo and conditioner => Elle and Warner What means the colour pink? This colour symbolise feminity, emotions, wish for marriage ...read more.

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