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My Work Experience.

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My Work Experience I am producing a report for Mr Webb about my work experience for my English language factual coursework which took place between the 1st September and the 12th September. I had two placements over the two weeks for my work experience. For the first week I worked in Spalding in the Lincolnshire Free Press editorial room and for the second week I worked at Moulton Bulb co. Ltd in the managerial departments. First day in the real working world leaves me anxious and curious. Dressed in my suit I arrived at the Lincolnshire Free Press office half an hour early at eight thirty on Monday 1st September. I was welcomed in the reception by two receptionists who made Mr David Crossely aware of my presence. David greeted me in the reception and gave me a twenty minute tour of the building showing me its different areas and functions. I was escorted to the top of the building into the editorial room where I spent the rest of my week. I was welcomed by nine reporters all who were keen to guide me and assist me when I was in need of help or I had any questions. ...read more.


From doing this task I learnt an awful lot about the layout of the stories, the type of language used and other small details. This had been the highlight of the day and I completed the story feeling confident and proud. I would find out Tuesday how well I had done after David had assessed it. After a long and tiring eight hour day I was ready to return home. The first day had been long and tiring and I felt I had already experienced a lot from the workplace. I had settled down well and had bonded well with my new working mates. I felt that I had achieved a lot and I gained a fair idea of the jobs and responsibilities of the reporters. I had learnt how the newsroom operated with the reporters finding the stories and writing them and then passing the stories to the desks in the middle of the room where the editors typed and placed the stories into the paper. I was quickly catching on to the type of language that I needed to use to write stories and I was anxious and excited to return on Tuesday to find out how I had done in my days tasks. ...read more.


with what you could say a lot of red 'marking' on it. I honestly felt as though I was back in English with Mr Webb! Davis had altered a lot of the language I used to make it even simpler, I then can to appreciate the challenge of doing exactly that. I spent the whole of Thursday altering and developing my stories. My final day, finishing my stories and saying my goodbyes Bright and early, I arrived to work to already find a cup if coffee and a lot of....red paper awaiting me on my desk. Funny, I kind of knew what I'd be doing all day. David had looked at me from across the room and just grinned like a Cheshire cat. By Friday had had quite enough of 'altering' my work but then I also wanted to complete the stories as best as I could. At half four David gave me the choice of going home, I grabbed the opportunity and collected my work together. I said my farewells made my way home. An unforgettable experience I knew I was extremely privileged to get a place at the Free Press, and now have intentions of following this career path. I think that the most valuable experience was sitting in court and taking notes on certain cases. However, I do wish I was able to write shorthand which is a standard requirement for a reporter. ...read more.

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