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One of the greatest tragedies in life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN said: 'One of the greatest tragedies in life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts'. There are those in society who, probably, would actually regard the victory of truth over 'beautiful theories' as a tragedy. In view of recent happenings, one such gang who are doubtless wringing their hands over the matter is the man-hating feminazi. Their literature has always been a research-free zone as anyone who has read the 'writings' of Andrea Dworkin or the 'surveys' of Professor Stanko, will readily agree. But the success of these feminists over the past 30 years has been due to the fact that the media, who seem to possess the joint conscience of a slot-machine, has been willing to accept what they say as the truth. It is more than refreshing today that so many erstwhile feminists are doing more U-turns than government ministers and are even owning up to the fact that what they have written in the past is quite untrue. If I may mis-quote Stewart Steven, 'In life, the lies are what you see in the media, the truth is what you hear whispered.' Fortunately that whisper is now becoming a crescendo and the much publicised theory promulgated by the feminazi that 'all men are evil and all women are saints' has taken many severe body blows from which it, thankfully, can never recover. The violent murderess, Jane Andrews, former dresser to the Duchess of York, was recently jailed for life for murdering her boyfriend after he had, quite frankly informed her that he no longer wished to marry her. ...read more.


As a result this one trial was battened on as a ploy to stop all men accused of rape from questioning those women who accused them, and the government, with typical knee-jerk reaction, planned to go along with this. It was with some relief that we heard in May that this proposed one-sided and sexist plan had been abandoned. It has been rewritten by the Law Lords in a test case under the Human Rights Act. Alleged 'victims' are now more likely to face cross-examination about earlier sexual encounters. The House of Lords has ruled that a person who claims to be the victim of a sexual assault may now be cross-examined about a previous sexual relationship with the person accused of the assault if the evidence of their relationship is so relevant that there would be a danger that the defendant would not otherwise get a fair trial. This four to one decision by the Lords is timely and fair. It has been estimated that there are at least 2,000 innocent men in prison after being accused by a woman of some sexual assault. At a time when our prisons are far too overcrowded it is time our decision makers established a level playing field for men in our courts. These recent events seem to indicate that they are trying to do this. Those who would like to see justice in our land for both men and women must surely hope that the work goes on apace. ...read more.


'The Law Society said yesterday that it was time the law was reviewed. Malcolm Fowler, chairman of the society's criminal law committee, said there was a "powerful argument" under the Human Rights Act for named defendants to claim, in cases where the complainant was not identified, that their rights had been breached. 'Article six of the European Convention on Human Rights gave defendants the right to an impartial trial, he said, and identifying one party and not the other might create a perception of unfairness. 'Stephen Kramer QC, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, agreed that a change in the law merited "serious consideration". ' Doesn't it strike you ask strange that, at a time when women's groups are calling for 'equal' treatment of women, no one is calling for their equal treatment in our law courts; probably because they know that when it comes to treatment in our courts, women have it made. A woman can frequently be tried for murder, paedophilia and arson, and, even when found guilty on some of these counts, still walk away from the court with a suspended sentence. Fortunately the position is improving as the above examples show. But we have a long way still to go before men receive fair treatment in court. One way they can speed up the process is to make known as widely as possible the cases I have outlined and others like them; there are plenty to choose from today. Also, if you have not already done so, why not support the protests outside the houses of some of our judges? ...read more.

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