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Operation Christmas Child

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Kirsty Wheeler 10 Ash Operation Christmas Child Essay Samaritans Purse is a charity organisation who act in areas like Africa, Eastern Europe and The Former Soviet Union. Samaritans Purse is designed to help under priviledged people through the delivery of practical every day items and necessities. They came up with the idea of Operation Christmas Child. The idea of Operation Christmas Child is to enable caring individuals, families, schools, churches, buisnesses, and other organisations to fill ordinary shoe boxes with small toys, school supplies, sweets, and other gifts. The shoe boxes are wrapped and passed onto needy children around the world. Many of the children are victims of war, poverty, famine, disease and natural disasters. In order to promote Operation Christmas Child, my group designed a presentation which would be shown to a Key Stage 3 class. ...read more.


Another problem that we had was that we lost the sheet of what we was going to say on it. So Rachel didnt know what to say. We then had to try and tell her what to say to the class but everybody got confused. Another problem that we had was that we lost Rebecca and Stephanie on the way, when we was trying to find our class. I think that my group made a good contribution apart from when no one wanted to do any speaking.When we was trying to find our class some teachers were shouting at us because we was being a bit noisy. When we first went into the class, Ashleigh and Sarah ran off because they didnt want to go in the class, but then came back to stand with us and do the presentation. ...read more.


This didnt work because we though we had our presentation on the monday but we got told that it wasn't. We had to do the presentation on the Tuesday but no off my group knew until breaktime on the Tuesday, so we couldnt prepare nothing. My group could of done better but i dont think we would of done better with another year 9 group. One thing two people from the group could have done was to go and check on our class and see how they was getting on. Also to see if anybody was going to bring any shoe boxes in that were completed. When we did our presentation we should of told the class to bring one or two things in each and then some people bring in some shoe boxes, so that more shoe boxes could of been completed.My group didn't know how many boxes the class made because we forgot to go and check on them. ...read more.

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