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the assassin

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The Assassin She didn't even have the time to scream, as she was in a huge shock. The blood and the flesh were dripping out of her stomach. The masked assassin came towards the body, as the echoes of his footsteps were easily heard. He stopped and tied her to a lamppost; the blood was dripping out of her stomach hastily. Later that night, an old man who was passing by dialled 999 immediately. The police were at the incident as soon as possible and removed the body, with half of the flesh and missing and then started looking for clues. They didn't even find a trace of the victim's murderer. Paul Francis, a detective, thought, "He is no ordinary killer, he's very experienced." The next day, the mayor was talking about a meeting to his on the phone; he told her the time he would leave from the meeting. ...read more.


As Mark was about to leave, Sir. A. Woodbridge said, "By the way he's going to leave from his meeting at around seven, so finish him of there and then. Don't let me down Mark!" Later that day, Mark Hammond went to the roof of the hotel Shooting Star, which was opposite the Hall where the mayor was having a meeting at. After the meeting, the mayor cam out joyfully. Mark Hammond, the sniper took aim and just before the mayor got in his limousine, a bullet was shot right in the back of his head. The police force was in shock, the mayor had been assassinated. They got the area blocked as quickly as possible and had all the police force looking around the area, but it had been too late; as the sniper had already left. The body was later removed and the police took all the video cameras nearby and watched them carefully. They looked for hours and hours and didn't find anything. ...read more.


He decided to go in the house and have a look. He entered the house using the window that was left wide open. The detective looked through the bedroom drawers and found a document with Robert Law's real name as Lewis Hanks. As soon as Lewis Hanks came back, he was arrested and taken to the police station to question him. After two days of questioning him, the detective found out all about the assassin, and his real address. The detective took the police force with him, as he assumed there would be guards around. In the battle, that followed most of the guards were arrested and some killed. Mark Hammond was sentenced to prison for twenty five years for the assassination of the mayor as well; whereas Sir A. Woodbridge was shot as he tried to escape. The detective also found out about the secretary, who was trying to hide in the house. She was sentenced for six years, as she was part of the mayors' assassination. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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