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The Gun - It was just after eleven p.m. at the London Golf and Country Club and Gary Stevens a middle-aged male with a wife and two children was preparing to leave his work for the night.

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The Gun! By David Goldie 11JK It was just after eleven p.m. at the London Golf and Country Club and Gary Stevens a middle-aged male with a wife and two children was preparing to leave his work for the night. Gary was the secretary there and had just finished preparing the establishment's financial report for the previous year which was due to be presented to the club committee tomorrow evening. Gary was about to turn the key to lock the safe when he heard shouting coming from the first green which was on top of a hill around 300 metres away. Gary went to the window to see what was going on and in the distance he could make out three characters in the distance all dressed in black. Two of them were standing nearer to him than the third character but facing away whereas the third was farther away but facing towards Gary. The two who were nearer to him were arguing with a third and after a few minutes one of the characters removed an object from his pocket raised his arm and one loud shot was then heard. The character who had been farthest from Gary fell to the ground and was picked up by the remaining two who carried him away and disappeared towards the main road at the other side of the course. Around 10 minute later Gary ran towards the first green where the incident had taken place. ...read more.


There was a tape recorder in the centre of the desk, which Steve turned on as the interview commenced. Gary was asked about the events on the night of the murder and what part he had to play in these events. Gary then explained that he was locking up and seen the killing. He also explained that he had gone up to investigate and that is how his fingerprints were on the gun. This explanation was treated with doubt from the officer, but this time around an hour had passed and Gary was told that the officer was leaving for the evening and the interview would re-commence at nine a.m. tomorrow morning. Gary had been returned to his cell and was now eating his dinner, which was typical prison food and tasted rubbish. He ate around half of this and then went to sleep for the night. Surprisingly Gary found that he fell asleep relatively quickly that night although the next morning he awoke to terrible back pains. The next day nothing happened until around midday when Gary's lawyer arrived and another interview took place. This was the same as the last interview with the same question's being asked although this time there were two officers and they pressured Gary into making a confession. Obviously Gary did not confess, as he was innocent. Later that day Gary was told by the officer in charge of the investigation that they had found enough evidence to try Gary for the murder and that he would be due to appear in court in three days time. ...read more.


At around two in the morning there were two inmates awake, one of them being Gary when all of a sudden it went quiet as the both of them had fallen asleep. Gary was shattered as the past two days had been very stressful for him and his family who had been present every day in court. It was now the day of the verdict and Gary was standing in court alongside his lawyer waiting for the jury to return with a verdict. All of a sudden a door opened and the head of the jury walked down an isle towards the judge's podium. He spoke to the judge for a moment before turning to the gallery. The judge spoke to the jury and asked if a verdict had been reached. To this the speaker for the jury replied "yes". When asked what the verdict of the jury was the speaker turned to the gallery and in a loud slow voice proclaimed. "On the charge of murder, by a majority verdict we find Gary Stevens" a pause that seemed to last an eternity ensued with the speaker finally pronouncing "not guilty". A sigh of relief travelled through the court that was almost deafening and Gary turned and looked towards his wife with a look that spoke a thousand words. Later on in the day Gary thanked the jury and headed home. When he arrived home he found his family there with dinner prepared. Gary thanked them for their support and had a celebrated with them. ...read more.

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