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The Role of the ICJ

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International Crime and the Role of the ICJ Human Society and its Environment - Justice 1. What is Justice: Justice is a concept of our basic moral instinct. It is based on ethics, sagacity, law, instinct and fairness/equality. This concept of justice allows us to make decisions according to the way we are and serves one of the most impactual features in our society. Many people perceive justice to be of differing notions however it is fundamentally one basic notion of self. Due to this diversity of justice, it can be broken down into the following categories: * Justice and Equality: This is the opportunity to obtain the same legal result. * Justice and Access: This is equal access to the legal system. * Justice and Fairness: One must act honestly and with integrity. * Justice and Equity: They must provide an alternate way of remedying a situation. Doing wrong results in one attempting to mend it. * Justice and Human Rights: The individual must have the freedom and the protection of their own human rights. Fundamentally justice is the protection of rights of individuals. ...read more.


court...in any case to which it is a party". There are also further provision which include: "If any party to a case fails to perform the obligations incumbent upon it under a judgement rendered by the court, the other party may have recourse to the Security Council, which may, if it deem necessary, make recommendations or decide upon measures to be taken to give effect to the judgment." (Article 94 UN Charter). The court is then authorized by other documents - Article 65 of the Statute which addresses any legal queries that may be made in accordance with the UN Charter in regards to making a legal request. Another document - Article 96 of the Charter provides that opinions may be requested by the General or other members of the UN such as specialized agencies. Because of the ICJ's limited powers it holds more of an advisory role. This then causes a stringent need to follow the charter and keep actions short in order to resolve a larger amount of cases before they failure to do so. This would then result in shortcomings and thus create turmoil in regards to its effectiveness in maintaining its goal of World peace. ...read more.


Since it is usually voluntary it really cannot be expected to resolve all cases and definitely not be held accountable for legal actions that follow after it has been settled. Despite the fact that the ICJ has had many failures and successes it still remains a positive diplomat for international law and also a dissemination of the principals of sovereignty, non-conquest, human rights and the rights of existence, self-defense in regards to the state. In addition the ICJ has helped determine certain disputes and difficulties experienced by various states. Most importantly the ICJ provides an alternative for states to reconcile disputes through the use of third party intervention and thus results in more equality as strive for world peace. Bibliography Internet Wikipedia, 2008, The International Court of Justice, 24th 2008 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Court_of_Justice > Global Policy, 2006, The International Court of Justice, 17th 2008 <http://www.globalpolicy.org/intljustice/icj/wdctindx.htm> Law School, 2008, Cornel Research Guide, 16th 2008 <http://library.lawschool.cornell.edu/WhatWeDo/ResearchGuides/ICJ.cfm> World Lii, 2007, International Court of Justice, 15th 2008 <http://www.worldlii.org/int/cases/ICJ/> Lexis Nexis, 2007, Zimmerman Guide, 14th 2008 <http://www.lexisnexis.com/infopro/zimmerman/disp.aspx?z=1569> United Nations, 2008, United Nations, 12th November 2008 <http://www.un.org/law/> <http://www.un.org/law/icjsum/indexw.htm> International Court of Justice, 2008, The International Court of Justice, 10th November 2008 <http://www.icj.org> International Court of Justice, 2008, The International Court of Justice, 10th November 2008 <http://www.icj-cij.org/homepage/index. ...read more.

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