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The tender smell of turkey was rising in our house I wassitting watching television. I loved Christ

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The tender smell of turkey was rising in our house I was sitting watching television. I loved Christmas; the presents, turkey and the time spent with my family. Year after year, it was the same, up until Christmas Eve four years ago when the phone rang. This one phone call made the tender smell of turkey turn into the hateful smell of revenge. My auntie had rung to say my uncle had been murdered. I could see my dads face turn from a golden brown to a pale ivory. At first, when I was told, I went numb, not knowing whether to cry o mad. The feeling that I felt could not come near to the hatred I felt after the funeral. A funeral, why have a funeral for someone who had hardly lived. I never cried when I found out; it was still so surreal. It was at the funeral when I saw this wooden box holding within it the man who made me laugh that it all came back. ...read more.


Unfortunately, for my uncle, his best friend told him what happened so he went over to see how she was. He was with his daughter of five years who was in the car. When he got to her door, it was open. Not knowing what was going to happen, he walked in and stood there with an evil grin and several knifes was the man. He was not out for my uncle he was there to get his ex-wife instead he struck out at an innocent man who's life had just begun MY UNCLE. He staggered into the street where my uncle's daughter was watching in the car, she saw her best friend and dad all go with one strike in the back. He would not stop there; over and over again while a girl, watching not knowing what was going on. As my uncle laid still in the street with shades of red all over him, the man was stood there with his knives and started cleaning them. ...read more.


The room went quiet and the judge asked me to sit down I would not. Instead, I was escorted to a court cell and left there for three hours. However, I still did not regret what I said. I had left the court, all I could feel was revenge. All I have dreamt about was getting a gun and shooting him so many times that he could feel half that pain he had put my family through. I want to see him beg for mercy. Amongst all of that, the thing I want more than anything is an apology, to say sorry for what he had done and for taking my heaven from earth, leaving just hell. I will pray for my uncle every night and I say that twenty-five years from now when he is out, I will get my revenge. I will take a life for a life and as in court, I will have no regrets. He ruined my life, and he has ruined my Christmases. By Catherine James ...read more.

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