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This essay is going to talk about whether or not America became less tolerant in the 1920s.

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This essay is going to talk about whether or not America became less tolerant in the 1920s. It will include: * The immigration change * The KKK, * The 'Red Scare' * Palmer Raids and * The Sacco and Vanzetti trial * Christian revivalism and * The 'Monkey Trial'. America had had an 'open door' policy towards immigration, but from 1917 onwards the door began to close. In 1917 an immigration law introduced a literacy test. This test discriminated against people from poorer countries such as Europe and Asia as they would not be able o afford to learn English in their own country. But after a while this test began to fail as immigrates relatives that had already got in to America who had taken the literacy test told them what the test said in their language so they could then learn it in English. So in 1921 the immigration quota act was introduced which limited the number of immigrates allowed into the USA to 357,000 each year. It also stated that the number of people emigrating from any country should not exceed 3% of the number from that country already living in America. ...read more.


Mitchell Palmer the Attorney General which resulted in the death of the man who attempted to kill him. Consequently over 6,000 people were arrested, all of which were later freed. Such was the fear was of communists that few protested against the Palmer Raids. Sacco and Vanzetti were from Italy, they were anarchists and they didn't speak English very well. The crime they were accused of was robbery and murder. When Sacco and Vanzetti went to court the evidence they had against them was that both men had loaded guns when they were arrested, the bullets in Saccos guns were the same size as those who killed the guards, Sacco had leaflets in his pockets advertising an anarchists meeting and sixty-one eye witnesses of the wages robbery identified Sacco and Vanzetti as the killers. However this evidence didn't prove anything accept for the sixty-one eye witnesses as if they had a licence to carry a loaded gun they could, also the bullets that were found in Saccos gun would have been the same as half the population of America and the leaflet advertising the anarchist meeting in Sacco pocket couldn't prove anything as a lot of Americans were anarchists. ...read more.


The Christian Fundamentalists said that the book was a lie and that God created the World. They later protested to make the book illegal. This was the start of the 'Monkey Trial'. The circumstances leading up to the 'Monkey Trial' were that the 'Flying Fundamentalists' toured America making speeches against Darwin. Gradually they began to succeed in their aim. Six states passed laws making it illegal for teachers to teach the theory of evolution. As soon as the law passed, two teachers in the Drayton decided to put the law to the test. One of the men was a twenty four year old biology teacher called Johnny Scopes. He agreed to let his friend sue him for breaking the law by teaching his class the theory of evolution to one of his classes. Johnny Scopes taught a class the theory of evolution and was promptly arrested. In the trial, William Jennings Bryan, was called into be a prosecutor at Scope's trial and a lawyer called Clarence Darrow was hired to defend Scope's. Darrow questioned Bryan about his fundamentalist beliefs. Johnny Scope's was fined $100 for breaking the law. My conclusion is that I think America did become less tolerant in the 1920s. By David Sleigh ...read more.

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