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This House Would Decline Medical Service to Smokers

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This House Would Decline Medical Service to Smokers, Alcoholics And The Obese We are the proposition and are totally in accordance with the motion. First and foremost I would like to redefine the motion to This House would decline priority medical treatment to those who choose not to help themselves, i.e. make poor lifestyle choices. I am going to discuss how the main lifestyle choices affect the NHS and furthermore how the taxpayer is forced to compensate for an unworthy cause. In the UK it is estimated that up to 9,500 beds are blocked daily by smokers, and that up to eight million doctor consultations are required on their behalf each year. ...read more.


But everyone who chooses to smoke - chooses to smoke, everyone who chooses to eat excessively - chooses to eat excessively etc. Sorry, but unless somebody has a specific genetic problem, they should not receive free medical assistance from the NHS. Obesity is too costing the country millions. It is almost as if individuals feel that the country has to look after them, so they don't care to do it for themselves. It's strange, but obesity has increased by 50% over the past 15 years and this has nothing to do with genetic or hereditary disorders; but more to do with lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise. It is as if individuals who are obese will make any excuse for their weight other than the obvious. ...read more.


Experts warned last month that obesity, which costs the NHS [pound]7bn a year, could bankrupt it if left unchecked and predicted that the proportion of obese adults would rise from one in five to one in three by 2010. Smoking-related diseases cost an estimated [pound]1.7bn a year, with the same amount spent on alcohol-related problems. The treatment of alcohol-related harm, such as violent crime and traffic accidents, costs an estimated [pound]20bn. It is much cheaper for the NHS to run tests to exclude those who have chosen to deliberately abuse their bodies (i.e. Smoke 50 cigarettes a day, rather than 10) rather than carrying out lots of expensive surgeries, on people who ignore all the propaganda against these poor lifestyles. ...read more.

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