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Violations of consumer protection act.

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There are four types of action that the Office of Fair Trading, or one of its enforcement partners, can take against a company that breaches consumer protection law covered by the Stop Now regulations: Informal undertakings If a business has breached consumer protection law covered by the Stop Now regulations, they will usually allow it at least two theyeks in which to agree voluntarily in writing to stop its behaviour and to comply with the law in future. This written voluntary agreement is an informal undertaking. If they provide the informal undertaking and stop the named trading practices, then they're unlikely to take further action. If a business breaches the law again, after providing an informal undertaking, then the other action they can take includes: * asking for a formal undertaking, or * applying to the court for a Stop Now Order. The choice of action will depend on how seriously the business's behaviour affects consumers' interests and on other factors such as the business' past history and/or expected future behaviour. ...read more.


can take the business to court for contempt. Contempt of court is punishable by a fine or imprisonment. A business that breaches an informal undertaking cannot be taken to court for contempt but such a breach may provide strong evidence to convince a court that an Order should be issued. Consumer credit act The Consumer Credit Act 1974 requires most businesses that offer goods or services on credit or lend money to consumers to be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading. Trading without a licence is a criminal offence and can result in a fine and/or imprisonment. The Act also requires certain credit and hire agreements to be set out in a particular way and to contain certain information. It's not just businesses offering credit who must have a consumer credit licence. You may also need one if you have any connection with transactions where customers are given time to pay.If you make transactions for which a licence is required without holding one, you are committing a criminal offence. ...read more.


They must if supplied in the course of a business be done with reasonable care, skill, be done in a reasonable time unless a time was agreed beforehand. They must be done at a reasonable cost unless the price has been agreed beforehand. Consumer protection act The rights under the supply of goods and service act say that you have the right to expect the good is ad described on the packaging. That the quantity of the good you asked for is right. Also you have the right to expect the good to work properly. If any of these rights are broken the consumer has the right to: * A full refund * Repairs within a reasonable time after purchase or if the repair is of unsatisfactory standards you have the right to demand a refund or claim compensation. * You DON'T have to accept vouchers instead of the money you have paid. * Right to compensation if you are misled about the price of a good/service * Right to compensation for unworkable or unsafe good. * Right to refund if you pay a higher price for a good that has been claimed to be reduced. 1 Kamran Hussain GNVQ Intermediate business ...read more.

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