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2001 A space odyssey

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2001 A space odyssey

2001 is a masterpiece of cinema that still influences film makers nearly thirty years after it was made -- but what does it actually mean? Therein lies the enigma. Of course, 2001 is open to many interpretations and probably even Kubrick couldn't provide the "correct" one.

 The film is very different from the book; Kubrick reduced the original script to its bare essentials making the actors part of the narrative , but not telling the narrative through the script. making it a lesser part of the hole experience. Where there is speaking it is almost always symbolic  The first words spoken signal the decay of human language to empty phrases: "Here you are, sir. Main level, please."

 The opening of 2001 is the Dawn of Man sequence which dovetails neatly with end of Dr. Strangelove: "We'll meet again, some sunny day "
First image in the  film is of a rising Sun

Obviously, Kubrick pondered deeply the astonishing reality, that idea that man

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The ape represents man at his most basic at first seeming harmless. He's "playing" beginning creativity? But he's playing with fire. It's not just that he's beating some old bones it is QUOTE “the dawning of consciousness (the movement from unconscious to conscious, night to day”. This is mirrored in the movement of chimp to man “ignorance to knowledge]”  

This inspiring dread in the knowledge of what this will lead to. QUOTE (The ability to learn and evolve knowledge through impulse but without correlative long-term view).

 What it takes to make the first evolutionary leap. When presented with the monolith, is his curiosity and courage to overcome his fear. These innate characteristics -- and not some buzz from the monolith  -- lead to the ape's subsequent invention, the tool.

“The Dawn of Man" music starts while  the chimp is playing with  the bone.  it only "dawns on" the chimp that he can use the tool to destroy. What doesn't yet dawn on the chimp is why he should  QUOTE  “Technical knowledge comes easier than moral knowledge”.

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HAL is thought . HAL is a tool, no more and no less than that bone wielded by the ape. But he's so smart he beats man at his own game ("I'm sorry, Frank, but I think you missed it....").  perfectly suited to the space QUOTE “created by man better than man but still a tool “

HAL  knows that the monolith is waiting  for man to achive his  destiny, with higher powers.

Hal sees himself as the next evolution of man  with no feelings  no soul the biggest symbol of evolution and devolution all at the same time   ?. And I'm made for space  I am the next step. I don't need to hibernate, I don't need oxygen or phoney cheese sandwiches" The ultimate tool, HAL, doesn't need the apes anymore. He's decided to end an association that has lasted a thousand millennia.

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