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A letter to Eastern eye's Problem Page

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A letter to Eastern eye’s Problem Page

        My name is Ajaz Ahemd, I am British citizen born and bred in Yorkshire. My relationship with a certain girl has been a roller coaster of a ride and now I am nothing more than lonely and heartbroken. It all started in the college canteen, my eyes were attracted to a beautiful and elegant young lady that appeared before me, her name was Nazma. She was an independent and unique lady and like me she had great career aspects, at that time I wanted to join the police and she was studying business and finance. Fortunately for me I became her boyfriend and shared many passionate moments, which are now just blissful memories.  Even though we loved each other truly things never quite went how we planned them to be.

        Nazma risked everything for me she took beatings from her parents to see me! I felt so guilty but I knew I was the only thing in her life that made her happy and she was willing to take the beats to see me that day.

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        As soon as I found out about Nazma and how she was treated I tried to go to the police but they were between shifts, so I ran to the public library and looked up the names of people who could help me get Nazma back. I wrote and called more than 30 official bodies and charities most of them did not have the decency to respond and other gave advice and some sent money. I later found out what I was dreading to hear the British authority could do nothing to help, as Nazma was a Bangladesh nationality while she was in that country she was considered to be a Bangladesh citizen. At this point I did not know what to do or who to turn to nevertheless I knew one thing for sure I was outraged by the whole situation.

        In December I had no choice but to go Bangladesh because I knew the wedding was extremely near.

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         When I came back to Britain I contacted The Sunday Times and they helped me and took me to Bangladesh again to get Nazma. By this time it was too late! When we found her I was surprised to find out that she was married to another man named Bokul but this time she was not forced into it she decided to marry him out of her own will, it was a love marriage. I felt numb, I felt cheated the lady of my dreams did not love me anymore. All of a sudden I had this empty feeling inside and at the same time my heart was crying. I felt all these different feeling but deep down I was pleased to know that Nazma was happily married and if she had the strength to let go of me then maybe someday I will. Really I should not dwell in the past; I should look forward to the future and get on with my own life. At least now I can learn from my mistakes and maybe I have opened your eyes to some typical situations within the Asian community. Maybe someday I will find another Nazma.

Harpreet Dosanjh 11N

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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