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A life in the day of Oikki.

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It’s 6.45 am and a burning bleep repeatedly shrieks in my ear, until I realise “No, its not a heart monitor in A&E,” but is my tiny, silver alarm clock. Now that I am just about conscious to the world outside my door, I give myself until 11 minutes to – 6.49 – for a brief yet cherished sleep. The brief bit isn’t generally achieved (and it looks like today is just going to have to be a general one).

I open my eyes again at 7.07 am; this time due to my dad walking very heavily across the landing, about to disturb me from a 22 minute hibernation. However, an unbreakable (and totally illogical) habit of mine forces me into an upright poise ready to play the part of someone who’s been up since dawn.

“I’m awake! I’m awake! I’m awake!

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        A speedy walk down to the bus stop is coloured by animated facial expressions and mad arm movements to whoever is on the receiving end of “Love your hair,” or “New bag?”

On a good day, school can be surprisingly…good; but they don’t seem all that thick on the ground. The minute you walk through the playground, the backstabbing, the bitching and the snide comments start. Sometimes I just want to go back to playgroup where all is simple and innocent – well, maybe not always. There forever seems to be someone you can’t talk to or something you can’t say, and to be honest it makes you rather wary.        

But that’s only 5 days a week. There are still 2 left to savour, when you can

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I have recently adopted the hobby of trawling through job pages trying to work out which route I shall be taking after school. At the moment, it seems to be an advertising creative, however only a few days ago it was a floor manager in a film set. There are so many careers to choose from that it really is difficult to decide even what GCSE choices to make as there is always the thought that you’ll want to do something completely different later on in life and those exams will have been pointless etc.        

But in the mean time I shall keep on working at the garden centre dispensing coffees and biscuits, or maybe even a knicker-bocker-glory from time to time and saving up all my earnings for an open plan flat in the centre of London.

I can dream…

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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