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‘ Hi this is Sarah Cox and your listening to BBC Radio 1’ I hear this and think it’s a dream.  But after around 5 minutes I hear my mum’s voice shouting my name to tell me to turn it off.  I’m also thinking that this to is a dream as my eyes are still shut but then realise that what she’s saying has nothing to do with my dream so slightly manage to open my eyes.  

It’s a Saturday but if I don’t get up by at least 11.00am then I will be extremely tired for Monday when I have to wake up at 7.45am for school so have to keep a deadline for waking up.  My mum told me to do this as I was waking up late and was very tired.  I don’t really like listening to the radio stations but the Sound System is pretty old and forgot how to change it as I done it along time ago.  I also can only use it on Saturday and Sunday as it only goes off at 11.00am so have to Switch it off when I go to sleep on Sunday and week days.

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I tell my mum not to bother making a full breakfast as I usually have kebab or take-away on the Friday night.  She brings in a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of tea.  She says to eat on the table but I eventually persuade her to let me have  my breakfast on while I’m sitting on my sofa. I have had cornflakes because it is the only one that I like out of the ones I tried and have a cup of tea as I like tea a lot.  

I watch T.V until 12.45am.  There is nothing on that I want to watch although u have over 200 channels! So end up watching some bring football show.  After eating my breakfast I take the bowl and cup to the kitchen where my mum asks me if I have cleaned the bath and obviously I say yes.  I then check my wallet to see how much money I have left from Friday night.  I usually have at least £10 so I decide to go down town to go rent a game or video.  I walk down town as its only a 5 minute walk from my house.

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I watch ‘on the ball’ which is a show that shows the highlights of the premiership games played earlier today.  I always watch this as I have a fantasy football team on the internet so I know if I have any points this week.  I go on my P.C at 1.00am.  

I usually go on msn messenger first just to see who’s online and I talk to my friends on there.  One of them says that we should play a counter-strike online and gives me the I.P.  Counter-strike is a game that my brother installed but I have mainly liked it.  It is a game that you can only play online against other people.  You have to shoot and kill the other players.  The I.P is the code for the server that your friend wants you to play on.  I play this until 2.00am where my mum tells me that the P.C is too noisy and she wants to go sleep so I turn it off and turn the mains switch off from my room and go to bed.                                    

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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