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A Life in the Day.

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A Life in the Day

Oh God!  There goes that stupid alarm again.  Now I’ve got to get up and go to school.  I get up and throw myself into a refreshing shower to wake me up for the day ahead.  In the shower I remember about all the homework I haven’t done or the detentions I have to go to.  I hear my mum shouting “Are you up yet”.  I reply with a simple “Yeah”.  I drag my “still tired” body into my room, turn my radio on and pull some clean clothes on.  I look out of my window to see the usual cloudy drizzle it looks as though it will clear up fortunately.

I stumble downstairs to find some burnt toast.  I throw it away and pour myself some cereal.  The milk is a bit off but I can live with the fairly sour minging taste.  I quickly rush upstairs to brush my teeth.  After I go downstairs to get my bag ready.  Usually I can’t find one or two books but today I had them all.

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After my first two lessons I go and get something like a nice warm doughnut and a drink.  I go the field with my friends to relax from the hard school.  Before you know it the bell has rung and we have to dash to our next lesson so we won’t be late again.  Luckily we only have science so we are not too late.

After my next two lessons I go and put my bag away and then try and sneak into lunch with Sam and Dan.  We’re not usually successful so we go and just hang around the boring school with nothing to do, just relax.  When we go to lunch we have to queue with a bunch of smelly other students because I am small that’s even worse.  Well not if its female year 11s or female 6th formers.  At last we get into lunch.  I dash to get the last burger before a year 8 does.  I sometimes wonder what the school food is actually made of.  Most of the warm food has gone because we are nearly always last in.

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When it gets to the point that nothing is on I go and see what homework has to be in when.  Because I am so bone-idle I always leave my homework to the last minute.  I do whatever homework I have to do that has to be in for the next day.  My mum says that I should do homework when I get it but if that was the case whey are we given like a week to do it.  After homework, I have my dinner, usually something healthy, and then I go out with my mates.  We don’t do anything exciting just hang around mostly.  I get in about nine thirty and spend the evening watching TV until about eleven then I go to bed and go to sleep ready to start the next day.

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