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A Rape in Cyberspace-The Separations of the Reality and Deduction.

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Christina Kimerle

March 28, 2002

Ms. Swenson-English 1105

A Rape in Cyberspace-

The Separations of the Reality and Deduction

        The society that we live in forces us to develop a mind-set that is inclusive to computers and technology.  The greatest obstacle that one faces with the frontier of this technology is the definition of the difference between cyberspace and reality.  Reality is the fact or state of being real, whereas cyberspace is an almost fictional and “wordy” world in reality.  The fine line that should be drawn in a cyberspace world, is very easily crossed by ones know how to manipulate and deceive those who are naive.  Is there a place where cyberspace and certainty cross over or is it merely two different worlds?

        The technological frontier that this society is engulfed in causes new lessons and problems to arise in people’s life.  The cyber world is a captivating and manipulative world.  The boundaries that it exceeds can be adventurous yet very misleading.  A world without visuals, with only words to fill emotional states, can be perceived in a number of different ways.  This perception is the one that can define the line of separation.  The idea of a world of merely words is one of the exact ideas of an “online-utopia”.

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        The line that divides the physical and the computerized is a line that is easily crossed and easily taken advantage of.  The freedom in cyberspace can be seen through “The Rape in Cyberspace” episode.  The power of one person to affect so many people merely through offensive and vulgar words proves that the line is often crossed.  Anyone that perceives the cyber world as safer forgets the fact that anyone can be in that world writing whatever may grow in their mind andthey can get away with.  The consequences in the cyber world are circumstantially less harsh then those in the real world, and that may be one reason it is so easy for people like Mr. Bungle to offend and “rape” others in the small community.

An online community, called the MOO, was created in efforts to escape the harshness of the “real” world. This society consists of regular people doing everyday-things together, but they each did everything through the power of words alone. No pictures, faces, voices, or anything that is physical is used in this online community. The words typed on the screen from each person were exactly how they would be performing any action in their “real” life.

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        Keeping yourself separated from movies and television is the same aspect that the cyberspace world should be perceived.  The technological aspect of cyberspace is very much part of the “real” world, but the emotional and mind-controlling aspect is merely an illusion that people use to escape their “real” world problems.  A problem in the “real” world may not be seen in cyberspace, or quite possibly, elevated in this world of words, but the amount of problems in cyberspace are just as numerous.  Being naïve and gullible is an easy way to be “sucked into” the idea of a more perfect world in cyberspace.  

        Stepping out of cyberspace and seeing the big picture will enable you to see the line that must be drawn to separate oneself from the two different realms of this society.  Living in a “cyber” world often brings individuals too close to a fantasy world, and without separation the incidences, such as “The Rape in Cyberspace” will occur and will be blown out of proportion.  The key to living successfully in both worlds is to keep the line between the two and to always come back to the “real” world.

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