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Advantages and Disadvantages of To Proposed Sites of a Call Centre

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Advantages and disadvantages of to proposed sites of a call centre When writing this report and making a decision on the location of the call centre several factors must be considered, below are several that must be asked in relation to the two suggested locations Factors effecting location - Evidence of existing call centres succeeding - Labour force - Good business network, training and human resources - Financial Incentives - Quality location, is there a premises already available - Quality of life (amenities etc) - Telecom support i.e. technical assistance The first location suggested is Longbenton in the North east of England, North of Tyne and Wear and Teesside, and the other is Bolton in the area of greater Manchester. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sites, with the help of the factors identified above I will identify and evaluate the pros and cons of each site. The Longbenton site, the first facto to consider is the success of other call centres in the area. In a survey of call centre operators the NE England was ranked 6th out of 13 this shows that call centres ...read more.


The Bolton site area has similar high unemployment but slightly lower, this has advantages in the same way as in the Longbenton site at a smaller scale, there are also 4 universities that could potentially provide low paid students are high skilled professionals. A major problem that could arise is that the areas base industries area low tech and traditional and thus cause a problem of the proficiency technically of staff. There is an up side in that the company would not be competing for the same sort of staff as other business in the area. Saying this the northeast has the largest level of call centre jobs and so there will be large amounts of the right well trained employees. The call centre will have to employ large levels of staff and so wages and salary bills will be very high, it is important for the company to work out what level of pay they want to provide, when looking at this location in the country is important as in different areas people area paid less or more, e.g. ...read more.


170 acres, this is the amount that the company wants for the building and also car park for large labour force. The price of land is relatively low at �50, 000 per acre and only �3.00 per sq foot rent, this is in comparison with only 150 acres at the Bolton site at higher land price �90, 000 and at higher rent �4.00 per sq foot, in all 55% more expensive land price and in terms of rent 25% more expensive. In conclusion there is not much between the two sites in terms of labour and info structure, they both offer high levels of potential staff. Because they area of high unemployment there incentives in moving into the areas. A large deciding factor for me would be the price of land; the Longbenton site offers what the company want interns of size and price. The last deciding factor would the person decision of the management and directors. For large amounts of reasons I would use the Longbenton site, on the other hand there are advantages of Bolton site. Because of over weighing factors I would use the Longbenton site ...read more.

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