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After reading 'Klondyke Kate', comment on Cody's attitude towards - Klondyke Kate the wrestler - How women should look/behave - Herself as a young girl

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Chetak Barot 10A        English

After reading ‘Klondyke Kate’, comment on Cody’s attitude towards

  • Klondyke Kate the wrestler
  • How women should look/behave
  • Herself as a young girl
  • Klondyke Kate after the match.

Klondyke Kate’s attitude is very tomboy like and she expresses that throughout the article. When Cody walked into the Bath pavilion the weather was dreadful – “dark rainy night”. This is the perfect weather for something bad to happen or something which is not appreciated by many people to happen. This language is used because it automatically creates a daunting atmosphere inside our minds and can begin to make us apprehensive.

        Often you remember the first thing someone does to you, or says if they mean anything to you. Klondyke Kate’s first words heard by Cody were “Shut yer mouth, Shut yer dirty mouth”. These words can create a curious atmosphere inside Cody’s mind because she asks herself, why is she so rude?  She then goes on to explain to us that wrestling is a “rude” sport and a “wrestling crowd is not like an opera crowd”.

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        According to stereotypical views women should look attractive, they should be the “nurturing, caring sex”. This is not the case for Klondyke Kate. Women are considered to be attractive, and caring, mature and sympathetic. This is just simply the opposite for Klondyke Kate when she in her “black leotard”. This is an interesting article because this has a moral which is that people may do anything for money which is wrong.

        A perfect woman would be one that is quite tall, skinny, not hairy, nice and loving. If women are fat they “diet”, if they are hairy, they “depilate”. Klondyke Kate was the complete opposite. She was obese. He was not kind or loving. She was a ruthless villain. Cody depicts herself as a resilient young girl. Her mother taught her not to fight back to people even if they had done anything which was not nice. “Ignore them”, is what Cody’s mother used to say to her. This language is quite straight and simple the kind of language that a wife of a very posh man would use.

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        Sympathy is a key part of any persuasive argument because it binds the audience into believing her. “little, perky opponent”, this is used for her opponent. We imagine a small rabbit like creature with large front teeth smiling at the crowd while Klondyke Kate is attempting a sly move which will knock the “game little thing, pretty in pink” out for good. This makes us sympathise for the opponent and therefore we follow her argument.

        Overall, we have learnt that this is a pretty effective piece because she is describing something bad and vile all throughout until there is a sudden twist at the end showing that women can be “nurturing” and “caring” even if they have job like Klondyke Kate’s. The most striking part in the whole article is “I keep breaking my little fingers…had to get home to her little boy”. This would confuse the readers into thinking, how can someone so big, obese and villainous be so small, kind hearted and caring?      

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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