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Algebra Story

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1. Choose the type of problem you want to have. 14+4y=30 2. Choose the answer. Y=4 3. Pick someone or several people to be in the story. Aaron 4. Write an idea for the equation. 7 pounds at $2/lb peanuts Y pounds at $4/lb candy corn 30 dollars spent on mix 5. Write the basic story. 6. Make the story fun/interesting/fact-filled/etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_corn 7. Write out the solution to the problem. 14+4y=30 14+-14+4y=30 4y=16 4y/4=16 y=4 Aaron and his friend were going to have a party. They had chips, cocktail sausages, chicken wings, and a cake. ...read more.


The only other place they could go was at the Wunderlee Candy Company. They went there and somehow got sucked into a tour of it. They were told that candy corn was first made by George Renninger in the 1880's. They then figured out how much more was needed to fill the 9 pound mix of peanuts and candy corn. They found out it was 4 pounds. Then they bought 4 pounds at 4 dollars a pound. That equaled out to 16 dollars. Then they went to the Pop Emporium to buy various pops. ...read more.


It was 1 in the morning and everyone was still there that eventually the neighbors came over to say something about the noise. At 2 in the morning, everyone started to leave because the band left so it wasn't as fun without music. Everyone loved the party, and wanted to have another one really soon, but because of how much it cost, they weren't able to have one for a long time. They spent 3,245 dollars on the band, 1,500 at the Pop Emporium, and 500 on the rest of the food. They were so shocked at how much money they spent to put on the party, but they were happy that everyone liked it. ...read more.

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