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America's Obsession

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Lauren Minchella

AP English Language

Mrs. Provost

November 8, 2006

Barbie: America’s Obsession

        When you picture the perfect body, what image do you get in your mind? Skinny, big-boobed, tiny waist, nice butt…Barbie. If she were to be enlarged to human size, she’d have a 39-inch bust, a 19-inch waist, and a 33-inch buttocks. She’d be over 7 feet tall and weigh an impressive 115 pounds. She’s perfect! She has no body hair whatsoever, long, beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes, plump lips, long legs, and tiny feet.

Since the 1950’s, Barbie has been a symbol for females everywhere. She has become more than the doll that Ruth Handler once envisioned as a simple plaything for her daughter, Barbara (the doll’s namesake.) Over the years, Barbie has had over 75 careers; she has been everything from a registered nurse to a figure skater to a rock star. Barbie from the beginning represented what the American teenager should be.

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{cite} She would lack the percentage of body fat needed for a woman to menstruate. So what would be necessary to achieve Barbie’s “perfection”?

First Step: The Boobs

Barbie has the perfect chest, large, and perky. The perfect shape. Now this is easy to achieve, you need to consult your plastic surgeon and tell him of your goal. Most will do anything for money. You need to request about a 39-I, to get Barbie’s perfect chest. There is more than one type of implant of course, you can choose between Saline or Silicone. Saline implants have less risk factors, but the long-term effects have yet to be tested. But what does that matter…Barbie doesn’t get old!!

Second Step: The Waist

To get Barbie’s 19-inch waist, it’s a little more complicated. You’re either going to need to remove a few ribs, or get a really good corset. By wearing

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Eighth Step: Hair Removal

A close tie with the feet binding, for the most painful. You’ll need to get waxed from head to toe, your chest, your back, your arms, your legs, your bikini, EVERYTHING!!

Some processes to achieve Barbie’s perfection are still in the process of being developed. We haven’t developed the removal of the nipples, its in the process. Another development being researched is an adherent latex coating, which women can be dipped in to achieve Barbie’s flawless perfection and shine.

So altogether these steps are painful, and will cost you a lot of money. But don’t you think it’s worth it to be able to achieve perfection, get any man you want, as well as any job you desire. Barbie has the perfect body, the perfect job, and the perfect life, who wouldn’t want to be her?

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