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An Explanation of Kenya's Population Distribution

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An Explanation of Kenya's Population Distribution There are many reasons why people do not live in the North and North East of Kenya, and reasons why people live in Central/Western Kenya. Few people choose to live in the North and North East because of the poor water supply - with only about 15 inches of rainfall every year, water supplies are extremely limited. Without water, you can't live, which is a reason why that area is so unpopulated. A Long dry season and a semi-desert terrain make farming almost impossible because animals can not survive under such extreme temperatures on the Equator. ...read more.


because the water supply is better. Tourism is also important - the country's only coastline is here and is a commercial port which takes part in lots of trade and creates lots of jobs. Because of the jobs, people live around this area which is why the land around Mombasa is one of the most highly populated places in Kenya. Fishing can also take place at Mombasa, and thus people live in this area. It is not too crowded either. The fishing aspect of Mombasa attracts people from all over the country. Central Western Kenya and by Mombasa is the most densely populated area because of many reasons. ...read more.


People who wish to fish from Lake Victoria live in this area. Because this is the country's most important city, there are therefore lots of job opportunities so people come to the city from all over Kenya in search of jobs. Tourism brings a lot of people here and also creates jobs, the Masai also live in the area and because of the good transport and communication facilities people choose to live there. The railway built by the British from Mombasa to Nairobi links the two biggest cities in Kenya together, providing easy transport between the two cities. The beaches at Mombasa attract tourists from all over the world which creates lots of jobs. ...read more.

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