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Are girls taller than boys

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Maths Statistics Coursework

        Recently due to the media and the government the weight of children has been discussed. It is believed that children are now becoming obese and are now more overweight than children in the past. This had led to public becoming worried about the health of the future generation because there is currently an increase in the number of coronary heart diseases, which are linked to obesity and lavish lifestyle.

Consequently, I have decided to investigate the state of children’s health in today’s schools. In order to do this, I must explore whether the height of children has increased, and whether it would result in an increase in weight. However, it is necessary to explore the differences between boys and girls to allow me to reach a beneficial conclusion to this investigation.

My investigation will delve into the following areas.

  • Who are taller, boys or girls?
  • Is height a dependent variable for the weight?
  • How much does weight vary with age?

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Height outside 2m, which I took as the maximum allowed height.

The modified data for boys and girls was then imported into Autograph to produce the following graphs for boys and girls across the whole school:


Height Distribution among girls.


Height Distribution among boys

[compare mean, median, mode etc here for the whole as well as differences in distribution, and draw conclusion accordingly]

I will now investigate this data further to determine if there is a correlation between the heights and weights, and if such a correlation occurs, whether it is stronger in boys or girls.

My first action with this data will be to remove any outliers from

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With my modified data, I will now plot a scatter graph in order to identify any correlations or trends, and to determine the range and average values for my data. I will also construct a line of best fit, the gradient of which can be used to make predictions based on the overall trend using the correlation coefficient, which is the gradient of the line.  


This graph shows a relatively clear positive correlation between Height and Weight. As height increases, generally, so does height, although at a moderate rate.

The equation of the line of best fit is:

y = 43.03x-18.47

This equation reveals a number of important facts about the correlation of my data:

The coefficient of x; the gradient of the line, shows that for every metre of height gained, statistically, height will increase by 43.03 kg.

I will apply this equation to the weight data, which will create an alternative set of heights. I will then compare these statistically calculated heights to the true heights in order to determine the reliability of the equation:

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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