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AS Psychology Observational Study Of Refectory Behaviour.

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AS Psychology Observational Study Of Refectory Behaviour. I am going to conduct an experiment to observe the type of food purchased buy the members of Braintree College. I shall conduct my experiment with a team of peers and we shall conduct the experiment retaining discretion. Hypothesis: "Females buy more sandwiches in the college refectory" Aim. From my one tailed hypothesis you can see that my aim is to observe whether females purchase more bread-based products e.g. sandwiches, rolls and baguettes from the college refectory, during a standard thirty-minute break. Subjects. Our subjects were people who have a connection with Braintree College and who were buying products for consumption from the college refectory. There is no way we could be sure that everyone that we observed was actually part of the college, but for our observational experiment there was no way in which we could over come this problem and no way in which it should effect our results. ...read more.


Females purchasing Bread-based Products Males purchasing bread-based products. 17 5 Inter observer reliability During our experiment we positioned ourselves so that the three of us were looking in separate directions, but so we were all positioned so that we could view where the sandwiches, rolls etc were selected whilst within good view of the till. We did this so that we could observe what bread-based products were being selected and then ultimately to buy. The idea of our positioning was to ensure no one was missed or miss counted. All three of us we observing all the time, but attempted to retain discretion to reduce bias. We achieved this by keeping our data recording sheets small and our pens hidden so as not to draw attention to ourselves. ...read more.


and then taken an average score of the amount of bread-based produce bought. > We could of just observed every 5th person in the queue and recorded their gender and preferred product. This would eliminate any chance of a large group of females for instance all purchasing a sandwich, because that's what is the norm for that particular group. Results Females purchasing bread-based products. Males purchasing bread-based products. 17 5 Conclusion Our results support the hypothesis "Females purchase more bread-based products from the college refectory" From this I shall infer that this is because females are more health conscious than males and they believe that a sandwich is the healthiest and most fulfilling option. So I conclude that the female members of the college buy more sandwiches, rolls and baguettes than the male members. ?? ?? ?? ?? Psychology Observational study. Sam Granshaw ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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