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'Blessing' and 'Vultures'

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Blessing and Vultures Essay In the poems 'Blessing' and 'Vultures', the poets both use vivid descriptive language to create pictures and moods. In 'Blessing', the poet begins the second stanza with the word 'imagine'. This word involves the reader and tells them to create a mental picture of the scene. He uses lots of onomatopoeia in this stanza. Words like 'drip' and 'splash' create an image of a small amount of water falling into a tin mug. This also creates a mood of thirst and drought. The stanza is finished with the line "the voice of a kindly god." This personifies the water and makes it seem heavenly. ...read more.


This could be personifying the water flowing out of the pipe, or it could be describing the people telling each other the news about the burst pipe. The stanza is finished with short words and phrases such as "brass, copper...plastic buckets, frantic hands". The word 'frantic' sums up this stanza. The final stanza has a happy and excited mood. It refers back to the theme of God with the word 'blessing'. The fact that it talks about children highlights the fun side of the situation, whereas to the adults, it is a lot more serious. The metaphor "liquid sun" compares the water to the sun, in that people often enjoy sunny weather and the sun is vital to our existence. ...read more.


The description of the vultures is very vivid. The poet uses more metaphors, such as "a pebble on a stem" to describe the ugliness of its head. The description of the vultures eating is made to sound gory with lots of unpleasant words and phrases, such as 'bowel' and 'a swollen corpse'. The third stanza is describing the Commandant at a prisoner of war camp. It uses the metaphor "human roast" to describe the horrible things he has just been doing and the word 'hairy' in describing his nostrils is also unpleasant. The last stanza briefly describes love existing in evil beings using images of an ogre and an icy cavern to represent evil, and a 'glow-worm' or a 'germ' of love. ...read more.

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