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Chapter 2 - Inner Universe - Variation on Harry Potter.

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(all characters belong to j.k. rowling.  Except for those I make up.  The Hogwarts concept also belongs to her.  So, yeah o.o  this chapter skips through conversations, Potions class with Snape, and the dreaded news of...just read and find out u.u)

Chapter 2 - Inner Universe -

        Some say that eyes, are like a portal into a persons mind.  That their eyes, always speak the truth.  But what many soon realized, the voice is another key into ones soul.  The competition earlier, proved it.  

        "Ron, what did you see when Malfoy sang?" Harry asked.

        "Well..I don't really want to talk about that.  The mere thought of it gives me the shivers.." Replied Ron.  He rubbed his arm nervously, eyeing the ground in thought.

        "Yes but, I want to know if everyone saw something different, if the illusion they sent out was..Different for all of us." Harry stopped in front of Ron and turned around, adjusting his glasses to better see him.

        "Well..I, uh..  I was drowning..and..  Sorry 'Arry, I just can't talk about it right now.

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        "I want to see every, single, essay on my desk by the end of class.  As boring as Bottlecap Fungus may seem, you may learn that it could some day it come in handy.  No less than two pages, any less and you may find yourself in a position, that is not very favorable." he looked about the room for any objections, but as usual, received not a word.  So he sat behind his desk, dissolving his attention to an open book.

        "What do you think he saw when you sang Hermione?" asked Ron.

        "Don't, give me any mental pictures Ron..Seeing Snape flying would be-" Hermione started.

        "Creepy.." whispered Harry.  The three smiled, hiding their laughter, but reluctantly turned their attention to their essay's.

        A while later, the class ended.  Hermione jumped to the head of the class, sliding four sheets of paper onto Snape's desk.  Ron turned in his, just barely a two page essay, then exited behind the class.  Harry, his mind in jumbles, quickly finished his essay and stood.  The class was empty.  Snape sat at his desk, ignoring the stack of essays.

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        "Or a lot to pack.." grinned Ron.  Hermione gave him a nasty look and padded off.  Harry watched her beautiful form disappear into the crowd.  She was becoming a woman, a very beautiful woman..  Ron kept his gaze away from her, although everyone knew his fancy for Hermione.  Especially Harry.  

        "Well Ron..I'll owl you the moment I get there, alright?" Harry sighed.

        "You better!  And give me all the juicy details of the things that are on his shelves!  I bet it'll be a nightmare!  I remember seeing a pair of eyeballs, floating in a jar on in office, and they BLINKED at me!!!"

        "Ron...Please.." -.-;  

        "Eh, sorry Harry.  I'll miss you.." Ron shuffled his feet and smiled at Harry encouragingly.  

        "Yeah, you to.  Say hello to your mum for me then."

        "Wait a minute!  We don't leave until tomorrow.  We'll say our goodbyes then, ok?"

        "Of course Ron," smiled Harry.

        The day passed to quickly.  When Harry awoke the next morning, he was flooded with the sudden thought of spending two months with the most dreaded professor on the planet.  Severus Snape.  He groaned and shifted in his bed into a sitting position.

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