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Commentary on Reindeer and Engine.

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Kelvin Johnston Chua 12CD              English [Commentary on Reindeer and Engine]                16/11/03

        The title of the poem “Reindeer and Engine” which is written by Josephine Jacobsen has given us an idea that the Reindeer and the Engine are bond together. The word “and” shows the need of faith of one another.

        The theme of this poem is faith. The reindeer needed the faith to escape from the path before the train rolls over him. Faith plays an important role in this poem. It leads to the desperation of how the reindeer is trying to escape. The alliteration of “forests of Finland to flee” illustrates the desperation of escaping from the track.  

        The structure is very consistent with having a free verse form with a regular line length.

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In addition to that, the writer had used enjambment to slow down the pace of the poem. The free verse leaps down the page with many graphical representation of the movement such as “look back” and “or swerve/into the black deep good dark of the forest”. The imagery had given us a clear picture of what is going on in the scene and could give us a stronger understanding as we could picture it in our mind. While the rhyme, “eye”, “die”, ”tries”, “track”, “back”, helps the impossibility of escaping on time.

“Snowy crows and owlly” gives us a sense of black and white color. The lack of use of color shows the reader that the reindeer can

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I conclude that “Reindeer and Engine” have a strong faith on one another, especially the reindeer having such a great sense of escaping but unfortunately the technology destroys the nature that leads to death.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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