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Compare and contrast the way in which two National Newspapers report the same incident from the Miners' Strike.

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Edward Mathews

Compare and contrast the way in which two National Newspapers report the same

incident from the Miners’ Strike.

The title of the first article reads: “Selby’s arranged marriage strained”. This does not imply any violence but a subtle struggle reinforced by the words “…marriage strained”. This is saying that there is a dispute between the residents of Selby and the miners. There is also a small amount of sibilance in this quote in “Selby’s” and “…strained”. Although this is not violent it does imply a slight hatred between the miners and the people of Selby. The word strained is a verb and it implies that the “marriage” is going somewhere. This brings in the fact that there is awkwardness between them. In the second article the title is very different it quotes, “Scargill’s Storm-troops terrify a town, THE SIEGE OF SELBY, Shoppers’ fury over the mobs”.The first point about the title is that it uses “…Storm-troops…” This suggests that the dispute between the miners and Selby is quite military. The fact that Hitler used Storm-troops brings an aspect of power and submission. It also uses

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The third paragraph of the first article begins with, “Miners later temporarily blockaded the main toll bridge into Selby”. It suggests that the Miners only blockaded it to cause frustration and annoyance. Not to keep the blockade there and cause trouble not only with residents but with the police too. The word “later” is also used. This suggests that it is not very important. If it was important they probably would have said “Then the miners temporarily…” It goes on to say, “Their peaceful protest…” this may not be so true. Further on in the article it describes the overturning of a van. This is not very peaceful. This is quite contradictive and a big contrast to the second article. The second article quotes, “It was dawn when nearly 600 miners took over the narrow Selby toll bridge on the A19”. There is a contrast between the orders of events. The first article says that it was “later” and the second says it was “dawn” when the bridge into Selby was blockaded. The second article also does not imply that the bridge incident was temporary. This is saying that the miners very purposefully blockaded the bridge and wanted to cause trouble and aggression.

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        The two articles are very contrasting and biased. The first article is in support of the miners and trying to put the things the miners did in a very boring and undisruptive way. It is very prosaic and understated. The other is against the miners and trying to dramatise and exaggerate everything they did. This means that the first article is left wing, with the miners, and the second is right wing, against them. There is also something to say about the structure of the articles. The second has shorter paragraphs and each of them seems to have a small climax before moving onto the next point or paragraph. The structure of the first article is monotonous and mundane. They both also use figures to back up their points, although the second article uses this tactic more than the other. For example one line in the article reads, “…involved 4000 strikers”. They use this tactic to make the government look sympathised and to make it sound as though the miner’s are a rebellious and unorganised group who want to prove the government wrong.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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