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Compare representation of gender in the humour and content in the two sitcoms we have been studying

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Compare representation of gender in the humour and content in the two sitcoms we have been studying Both Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Royal Family use gender as a humour point. In Royal family it is more a battle of the sexes for "gossiping" about the other sex, whereas in Fresh Prince the weaker the people are in themselves the more likely they are to be the one that is being used as a humour point. In Royal Family you laugh at the characters because of the way they are gossiping about other people, but most of the time when they are calling people the things that they are saying are just the way that they act in the show, for example at the beginning of the 'Mambo No 5' episode Jim and Twiggy are saying that Dave is 'under the thumb' when it comes to Denise, but as soon as Barbara comes in from shopping they both jump out of their chairs and carry on stripping the paper off the walls. ...read more.


In the episode of Royal Family that we are studying we hear Jim and Twiggy calling Cheryl because of her weight and comparing her to them, but when you look at those two they are both over weight and have many other things, which they could change to make them 'perfect'. With the character of Dave he is yet again different and we laugh at him because of the way he is, his character is played as doing everything what people want him to do and just agrees with what anyone else says. When Jim and Twiggy are sat 'gossiping' about people he just sits agreeing with them even if he doesn't think what they are saying is right. When he is around the women though he is really polite and kind and seems to have a feminine side in the way of which he goes about things. He is very different to the other male characters in the episode, he seems a lot more bothered by the way he looks and how he comes across to people. ...read more.


For example in Fresh Prince all the female roles apart from that of Jackie seem really maternal and become all 'soppy' when they see a man looking after a child. This is the same with some of the characters in Royal Family because as soon as Dave turns up with Baby David Barbara is all over him and 'playing' with him, then when Denise and Cheryl turn up Cheryl is giving him all the attention and Denise gives him some but considering he is her son she doesn't seem that bothered by him because when she wants to have a cigarette she asks Cheryl to take him upstairs. After Cheryl comes back down she talks about Baby David and Denise has to ask who she is talking about, from this you can see how Denise doesn't seem that bothered by the maternal side and how he is her son, you can see this as well because it is Dave who is the one who has been looking after him. Most females would spend all their time with the baby but Denise isn't the same as the other female characters. Lyanne Craft ...read more.

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