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Comparing magazines and newspapers.

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Maths Coursework

Q. Suresh is comparing magazines and newspapers. He chooses a passage from one newspaper and one magazine. They each contain 100 words and he counts the length of all the words. Suresh then says that the magazine has the shortest words.

image00.png  Write a hypothesis about the length of words in newspapers and magazines.

image00.png        Design and carry out an investigation to test your hypothesis.

Investigate further.


My aim is to find out whether the words in magazines are shorter than the words in newspapers by comparing the two and using as much of my statistical knowledge as possible.


My hypothesis is that the length of words in magazines, in general, and tabloids will be shorter than those in broadsheet newspapers.

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The Guardian -  ‘Brown bets all on the NHS’


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From these results I hope to prove my hypothesis, which is that the length of words in magazines, in general, and tabloids will be shorter than those in broadsheet newspapers, by drawing graphs etc.


I have noticed that both the newspaper and magazine have very similar results. The length of words is more grouped around 3-7 letters in a word and there is more in here if you add the rest up against it. Overall the magazine did have shorter words. I expected this though, as magazines are usually easier to read so it was quite probable that it would have shorter words. It was still quite close between the two though. Suresh hypothesis and mine were right: Magazines have shorter words than newspapers.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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