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Comparing two magazines - PC Adviser and Cosmopolitan.

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Coursework on comparing different magazines

Hypothesis- from looking at both of my magazines, I think that the computer magazine (PC ADVISER) will have the longest words in because it is more intellectual than gossip magazines (COSMOPOLITAN). I have chosen to do the two articles because they are quite similar.

Aim- my aim is to find out whether my hypothesis is true. I will collect my data and put the results into a tally, for my pre-test. I am also going to use primary data for both tests.

Method- for my pre test I am going to count up the letters in each word in both articles. (50 words each) I will then put this data into a tally, but I will not group the data.

To show my results more clearly I will put the data into both frequency polygon diagrams and bar charts. I think this will give me enough information for my test.

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Here is the data I have collected.

No. Of words



Mid  X  Freq.

Cumulative frequency




2 X 39=78





5 X 39=195





8 X 18=144





11 X 4=44


Here, I have used a cumulative frequency, I think this is a good way of showing my results, because I can find out the median, the lower and higher quartile and the inter quartile range.

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In conclusion I can say that my hypothesis was correct which is

I think that computer magazines have longer words than Gossip magazines.’  I know this because my results prove I am right.

For example:

My scatter graph for the gossip magazine’s shows that the …

                                                                  Mean is 3.32

                                                                  Median is 4

                                                                  Mode is 4

But for the computer magazine, you can see had higher averages,    

                                                                  Mean is 5.44

                                                                  Median is 5

                                                                  Mode is 2 (not this average)

Another example, where the data shows similar results is the cumulative frequency. As you can see from both sets of averages, the higher averages are the computer magazines.

Computer mag:                                          

Gossip mag:

    The box plot data shows that computer magazine have longer words than the Gossip magazine, because the median on the box plot, for the computer magazine is bigger than the median for the Gossip magazine.        

All my results on the diagram show that my hypothesis is correct.

I could improve my findings by having a bigger data for my sample. The limitations of my work is to

  • Include more diagrams
  • Have bigger diagrams to show my results more clearly.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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