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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 1839

Compile a report which will look at, and assess the performance of sales generated by the company DVD Sales

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TUFAUL HAQUE                W0309417


Nearly every movie produced today is available on DVD, and many older movies are being moved to the DVD format. Often, a movie comes out on DVD before it comes out on video tape, because the manufacturing and distribution costs for DVDs are so much lower.By bringing outstanding picture and sound to our favorite films, the DVD format is doing for movies exactly what CDs did for music.

DVD Sales is a large company selling DVD players. It has many shops throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Most of the shops are located in the regions; North, South and East of the UK. DVD Sales have concentrated advertising in 2002 for the three types of players they predominately sell (Type 1, 2 and 3).

By order of the managing directors, I have been instructed to compile a report which will look at, and assess the performance of sales generated by the company. This report is based on information from a random sample of 95 shops in the North, South and East of England.


The information provided was analysed through the use of the Minitab 14, by creating graphs, charts and descriptive statistics. These features were used to look at and analyse the data and other factors.


This report will look at, and analyse the following points:

  • The overall distribution of Total DVD sales in the UK.
  • The proportion of Totals Sales in the three regions?
  • Does the gender of the manager affect sales in the regions?
  • Which type of DVD is sold the most by female compared to male managers in the South of England.
  • The relationship between Advertising and Total sales.
  • The effect of price increases on Total Sales.
  • Another variable such as managers’ age to see if this affects sales.
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             Male    647.8    469.0  595.3   655.0  722.5    764.0

Results for Region = South

Variable     Gender   Mean  Minimum     Q1  Median     Q3  Maximum

Total sales  Female  637.6    493.0  563.0   655.0  728.0    771.0

             Male    629.3    449.0  543.0   636.5  714.3    768.0

Figure 3 looks at how the gender of the manager affects sales in each region. In the east region, male managers generated greater sales than their female counterparts with males generating average total sales of £650,500 compared to £590,000 by females. The maximum total sales generated by male managers (749,000) was also greater than that of the females (£734,000).

Male managers also had higher average total sales in the north (£647,800) although the highest total sales generated in the north region was by a female manager (£780,000), with 25% of females generating total sales above £761,000 compared to £722,000 by the males.

The average total sales for females in the south region was greater than that of the males, with females averaging total sales of £637,600, and males averaging £629,300. overall performance by females in this region was better than that of the males, with 25% of females generating sales of up to £563,000 compared to £543,000 by the males. 50% of females generated sales of up to £655,000 whilst 50% of the males managed to generate sales of up to £636,500 and 25% generated more than £714,300 compared to £728,000 by the females.

3.4 Sales of types of DVD players by gender in the south region

Figure 4.


Descriptive Statistics: Type 1 (£000s), Type 2 (£000s), Type 3 (£000s)

Variable        Gender    Mean  

Type 1 (£000s)  Female   115.4    

                Male     110.00    

Type 2 (£000s)  Female   216.00  

                Male     215.06  

Type 3 (£000s)  Female   306.1    

                Male     304.19  

Figure 4 examines which type of DVD player is sold most by female managers compared to male managers in the south region.

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6.0 TASK 2

Since its launch in 1998, DVD has taken just four years to become the dominant format for video in the UK. From a small 5% share of the market for video by value in 1999, DVD captured 58% of the market in 2002. Market values reflect the fact that DVDs are more expensive than VHS videos, but also bears testimony to the fact that the video industry has been successful in managing format transition. VHS continues to pay an important complementary role to DVD, but robust marketing of the DVD by rights owners, retailers and industry associations has brought phenomenal success to the market.

Source: BVA/Rental Monitor/Mintel

 Figure 1.


Correlations: DVD Sales (£m), Video Sales (£m)

Pearson correlation of DVD Sales (£m) and Video Sales (£m) = -0.963

P-Value = 0.008

Figure 1 shows that as DVD sales have been increasing, video sales have been decreasing. The r value is also closer to –1 which shows a negative correlation i.e. as DVD sales go up, video sales go down. This shows that as the sales of DVD’s has been increasing, this has created a decline in the sales of videos, as more and more people are buying DVD players. The decrease of DVD player prices has had a major impact on these sales, because when DVD players were first released, they were very highly priced. As the prices decreased, people started to buy more and more DVD players, this in turn has also increased the sales foe DVD’s.



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