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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 10156

Conduct an investigation comparing height and weight from pupils in Mayfield School.

Extracts from this document...


Noel Modarres Mathematics Coursework In this investigation, I have been given data from Mayfield School. Although the name of the school is likely to be fictional the data itself has come from real students. The data I have been given is for year 7 and year 11 students. There is information on around 170 students for each year. The following are the types of information we got on each student, year group, surname, forename, age, gender, hair colour, eye colour, which handed they are, favourite colour, favourite music, favourite sport, favourite subject, favourite T.V programme, average hours of T.V watched, IQ, height (m), weight (kg), distance travelled to school, Means of transport to school, number of siblings, number of pets, key stage two results for, maths, English and science. From the data I have received I have chosen to conduct an investigation comparing height and weight because I feel there much relevance between ones and height and weight. I have chosen to compare height and weight because I feel I will get clear results and therefore conduct a meaningful and knowledgeable investigation. I will be trying to determine whether ones height has any relevance to ones weight and then I will attempt to find out whether separating boys from girls will show different trends and in general have much difference from the group as a whole. I will first investigate heights and weight for year 7 and for year 11 and as an extension I will make comparisons and comment for both years. For my investigation I will need to start with a random sample of 50 students (25 girls, 25 boys) from year 7. I have data from a total of around 170 students, and the amount of boys and girls are roughly even, hence meaning there are about 85 boys and 85 girls. To get a completely unbiased sample of students I will be using random selection. ...read more.


I now feel that I have established a thorough investigation for my sample of year 7 students. I am sure I have covered all relative issues for height and weight and am able to make detailed observations for my data. I now feel I can extend my investigation by investigating year 11 student from the same school. I will again get a random sample of 50 students, 25 boys and 25 girls. I will again be comparing height and weight and as I try to find things like averages and deviation from the mean I will be observing the differences from the year 7 students. Like year 7 there is also information around 170 year 11 students, and because the every third boy and girl, starting with the third boy and girl method proved so successful for year 7 I will be using the same method to gain my random sample for the year 11 students. Name Height (cm) weight (kg) James Lawrence Ballson 152 60 Stephan Donald Berk 177 57 Sammi Block 181 72 William John Browne 172 58 Anthony Norton Chinny 162 56 Sam Cullen 155 54 Graham Martyn Dixon 169 55 Colin Clarke Downey 168 50 John Fasworth 179 72 Henry James Francis 158 54 Mark Peter Greg 182 66 Steven Richard Hope 196 93 Mark Hughes 165 58 Jimmy James Johnes 194 80 Jai Jone Kage 150 35 Assad Krane 168 63 James Liam Little 165 47 Keith Norman Mamood 168 58 James Harold McDonald 162 50 Simon Morrison 192 45 Ahmed Nolan 184 78 Peter Parker 167 60 Alan Powers 157 54 Molandar Zahir Shaheen 163 59 Andre Ingol Slim 173 50 Name Height (cm) weight (kg) Claire Alexander 160 54 Hanah Mary Barlow 163 44 Shelly Berry 168 54 Lara Alyson Bertwistle 163 47 Sarah Louise Briggs 163 48 Isabella Brown 165 66 Nadia Calik 168 48 Sharon Stella Compass 152 38 Ruth Amy Dore 175 56 Christina Jean Feehily 172 60 Amanda Eve Godfrey 158 54 June ...read more.


For median, lower quartile, upper quartile there was never a difference of more than three, indicating that for height and weight boys and girls are very similarly match when It come to things like their interquartile range. For the averages of the year 11 students I found that there was much more difference between boys and girls for height and weight, this indicates that for year 11 there is a much different variety of results compared to year 7 students. For the standard deviation of my results for year 7 and year 11 and I was sure that year 7 students would have smaller standard deviations than year 11 students, this is because by year 11 students are at very different stages of growth and development. Unless by the chance of my sample unlikely results proved otherwise. After doing all the standard deviations I found that for boys from year 7 had smaller standard deviations than boys in year 11. For girls I found that for height for year 7 girls had a smaller standard deviation than girls from year 11. However this was not the case for weight. I think this is so, because of the chance of my random sample, I am confident that with another sample of girls, year 7 girls for weight would have a smaller standard deviation than girls in year 11. Overall I feel I have conducted a very successful investigation which has answered the accuracy of most of my hypothesises, however there have been some unexpected results which I am sure are down to the chance of the random sample. So therefore with another sample I may get different results. This proves I can not be sure any of my results are completely; they may all be down to the chance of my sample. If I were to do this investigation again I would change very little, especially not my plan which I feel played a very important role in the success of my experiment. 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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