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Creative Writing : The Gale

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Creative Writing : The Gale A shrieking gale hurled itself against the helpless trees, constantly pounding them, and quickly removing the remains of a once proud foliage. My eyes stung as I silently stared out of the window, concentrating upon the small yet dense copse that lay at the bottom of the path. It amazed me when I thought how feeble we really are when compared to mother nature, the immense monstrosity that could easily wipe out a population within seconds; yet effortlessly create another so soon. I quickly snapped myself out of the hypnotic condition I was currently under, I had never grasped the idea of a concept like that before, and it soon escalated to the point where I couldn't think of anything else. What if there was a domineering force like mother nature, who could do whatever it pleased with us, whenever it felt like it? I would just have to try and stop worrying about it for the moment, I had higher priorities to deal with. After a highly appealing session of channel surfing on the television, I was overwhelmed with fatigue from the day's activities. ...read more.


"Too god damn right it won't!" he said, his putrid breath reminded me of the sewerage, just waiting ahead of me to be removed. There was a million and one disgusting tasks I would rather do than this I thought to myself. However, for some reason unknown to me I felt an element of strange suspicion in the damp air. Little did I know I was soon to discover why.... I entered the small temporary wooden shack that was erected the previous week, and I donned my Gortex boiler suit and respiratory mask, complete with head protection and goggles. Even though it was a typical cold autumn day, I sweated a great deal under the layers of synthetic material. I opened the door and stepped outside to see the rain was thudding down, once again in a torrential manner. Yet, somehow I managed to persuade myself to make a sorrowful way down to the main area of work. As my thick white wading boots crunched heavily on soggy grass, the enormous cereal bowl look-alike structure came into view, and I carefully dragged myself to join the figures that moped around within it. ...read more.


I watched him plunge into the 3-foot of sewerage, and temporarily disappear beneath the revolting substance. He popped up again, and I reached down to grab him but he flew back under. All I saw after that was a mangled leg wrap itself around the side of the tube. No other part of his body was visible, apart from this bloody, lacerated limb. This left me in an awkward position too; I had to decide what to do. I reminded myself not too panic, and came to the fairly logical conclusion that the machinery needed to be switched off now, else he would drown or be torn by the sucking power of the device. I turned a flailed madly in an attempt to wave to the foreman to switch it off, but there was no foreman there anymore. In a desperate attempt, I smashed my fist into the large control panel alongside the electricity supply pipes. Nothing happened. I smashed again and again, and then a miracle happened. My fist cracked the entire mass of the tube and it's debris flew metres away. I was astonished for a moment, until I realised Jason was still beneath the sewerage. I jumped from the collapsing platform and landed in the pulpy, decaying solution alongside ...read more.

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