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Data Handling Conclusion

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My first hypothesis was that year 7 boys and girls are of a similar height however by year 11 boys are taller than girls. To try and prove this I first calculated the means of the boys and girls heights for all years. The means showed me that the average heights in year 7 boys and girls are similar however by year 11 boys were on average 18cm taller than girls. This supports my hypothesis.

This did prove my hypothesis to some extent but I needed to prove it further. I used Standard Deviation to try and prove the hypothesis. I calculated the Standard Deviation for both years and genders. From comparing the S.D for the year 7’s there is not much difference, boy 0.10 and girls 0.11. However by 11 the boys have a larger spread, 14 compared to the girls 0.9.  This again supports my hypothesis.

My third

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I next looked at the Standard Deviation of weights. The S.D’s showed me again that the girls and boys weights in year 7 are similar, the bys being 2 kg less than the girls, however by year 11 the boys weigh more than girls with a difference of around 5 kg. This slightly disproves the first part of my hypothesis, that girls weigh more than boys in year 7 however does help me to prove that by year 11 boys do weigh more than girls.

To further test my hypothesis I created box and whicker plots from cumulative frequency curves. This showed me that year 7 girls and boys have a similar spread of weights however 75% of year 11 boys are taller than 75% of the girls.

These findings help prove that in year 11 boys weigh more than girls but the first part of my hypothesis has been disproved to some extent.

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Overall I have been pleased with how my investigation has panned out. Most of my hypotheses have been proved correct, however I do believe that my investigation could have been more conclusive. The best way to achieve this would be to either study all year groups or collect a larger sample of students. Both of these would have led me to find a greater accuracy and depth within my discoveries.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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