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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 2141

Data-handling project to investigate the relationship between height and weight of 30 random students of years 10 and 11.

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Mayfield High School Introduction Mayfield High school is a secondary school for pupils age 11-16. I will be doing a data-handling project and have been asked to investigate the relationship between height and weight of 30 random students of year 10 and 11. This includes boys and girls. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that the taller the students the heavier the person will weight. My reasons for choosing this is because I hear a lot of people saying that this statement is correct and want to find out myself. I have also thought a few things, which can affect the relationship between height and weight. This includes gender and age. Over my investigation I will be finding new hypothesises for the weight and height relationships. Plan What I will be doing is I will collect 30 random pupils including boys and girls. 30 Is a reasonable amount because too much will cause my graphs very difficult to work on. I will make sure my random 30 are not biased because I will use the Rand button on my calculator. Here are the results I have been returned: Females Males Height (m) ...read more.


11 1.80 < h < 1.90 0 11 1.90 < h < 2 0 11 Boys Height h in Metres Frequency Cumulative Frequency 1.40 < h < 1.50 0 0 1.50 < h < 1.60 3 3 1.60 < h < 1.70 5 8 1.70 < h < 1.80 4 12 1.80 < h < 1.90 5 17 1.90 < h < 2 2 19 I will now use these tables so I can simply plot these results on a graph. Again I will use histograms because it is continuous data. I will convert the metres of height into cm because it will look much neater and easier for you to understand. I will now make another hypothesis that "Boy's will generally be taller than girls". As you can see there is a good connection with these graphs and my third hypothesis mentioned earlier. Boys fit into higher categories than girls. I will now plot this data into a frequency polygon graph just like what I did with weight. You can perfectly see that there is a great force for my hypothesis. Girls have a higher frequency for the modal class of 160-170 but boys are in the higher categories like 170-200 kg group. ...read more.


"Boys will generally weigh more than girls". "Boy's will generally be taller than girls". In general all of them are correct. Obviously there were some anomolous points, which cannot be changed. But these are factors that I cannot help. People are overweight and underweight so height does not take much effect. I have made a successful approach to trying all the useful graphs that I needed throughout this project. I realise I could have made my project more accurate and reliable. If I used more pupils such as 100 I could have precise information and conclusions. But the reason I didn't do this is because it would take me a very long time and I haven't got the time to do this. The girls scatter diagram was my only problem throughout this whole investigation. But if everything else was successful I'm thinking that it was because I got unlucky and maybe chose some underweight or overweight pupils. This is the problem with the investigation. If I tried the investigation again I would plan it more carefully and choose more pupils. I would make more hypotheses and more graphs. This would help me gain more accurate results. But despite all of this I reckon I have acquired successful results and answered all my hypothesises. Yasser Kamel Maths Coursework 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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