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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 2177

Differences between a broadsheet newspaper, such as the Daily Telegraph, and a tabloid newspaper such as The Sun.

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NEWSPAPER COMPARISONS There are differences between newspapers. Here are a few differences between a broadsheet newspaper, such as the Daily Telegraph, and a tabloid newspaper such as The Sun. * The amounts of space devoted to different items, such as sport, headlines, advertisements, news, etc. * The relative importance status and space given to various items. * The sizes, number of pages, area of print and cost of different newspapers. * The readability, in terms of language levels, evidenced in different newspapers. Newspapers are divided into 3 different categories. Broadsheet Quality Tabloid The Times The Daily Mail The Sun The Sunday Times The Daily Express The Star The Guardian Evening Standard Daily Mirror The Independent The Daily Telegraph The Financial Times The Observer I have chosen 2 newspapers from two different columns. Using the differences above, I will compare these two newspapers and analyse their content and style. The 2 newspapers that I have chosen are: Daily Mirror and Evening Standard. I have chosen these 2 newspapers at random, because it will make my analysis fair and rational. Differences Found on First Impressions On my first impressions of the newspapers, I found many differences between the 2 newspapers. ...read more.


7 6 8 8 7 9 3 1 10 0 1 11 0 TOTAL: 100 words 100 words The mode is the most frequently occurring number. Mode: 3 Mode: 3 The range is the difference between the highest and lowest number. To find the range, the lowest number, e.g. 1, is subtracted from the highest number, e.g., 21. Range: 20 Range: 19 On average, are the number of words in a paragraph greater in a quality paper or a tabloid paper? 52 1 40 41 2 52 80 3 44 82 4 41 48 5 26 63 6 53 35 7 44 51 8 23 104 9 40 124 10 41 59 11 24 108 12 59 95 13 21 110 14 41 50 15 67 TOTAL: 1102 TOTAL: 616 The mean is the average number of words in a paragraph. To find the mean, the total is divided by the number of paragraphs, e.g., 15. Mean: 73.46 Mean: 41.06 Mode: 10 Mode: 15 Range: 89 Range: 46 How To Work It Out Word Length I have gathered all my results and put them in a frequency table. The frequency is the total of number of letters for a tabloid paper in 100 words. ...read more.


The number of words in each paragraph of both newspapers were not consistent, henceforth creating inconsistent results. This was because both newspapers were of different categories and both articles from which the paragraphs came from were of different topics. This is why one set of results was inconsistent and unreliable. Human error could also be part of the problem, but not too much. I could have compared the newspapers in other ways and I could have improved my tests for comparison by using articles on the same topic. However, inconsistent results should be expected for unfair tests, because these are 2 newspapers, which are from 2 different categories. They are both different prices, they both have different amount of pages and they both aim at different classes. There wasn't any other way in which I could have made my tests any fairer, but I could have performed different tests, such as counting the amount of adverts in each newspaper and measuring headlines' height and width. I could have also counted up to 200 words in an article and counted how many letters there were in each word to give more accurate results and I could have counted words from 25 paragraphs. This is another way to improve my tests, but my results are fairly consistent apart from the last set. Bushra Wasty 10E GCSE Maths Coursework ...read more.

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