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Do the familiarity of the words in a word search make it harder.

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Do The Familiarity Of The Words In a Word Search Make It Harder Plan I am going to investigate whether the words the familiarity of the words in a word search make it harder. I could also investigate whether the age of the person means they find it easier. I will ask ten people under 18 and ten people over 35to do two word searches. One word search with familiar words and the other with unfamiliar words. I will time how long it will take them to find six out of ten words on each word search. ...read more.


In general the iqr times for familiar word searches will be less spread out than the iqr times for unfamiliar word searches. I think that people who are good at one word search will in general be good at the other word search. There will be a positive correlation between times for familiar and unfamiliar word searches. Reasons My reasons for my hypotheses being true are that people will find it easier to find familiar words and find it harder to find unfamiliar words. ...read more.


But if it is too easy the results will not be varied enough. Experimental Design My teacher will give me 20 word searches, 10 of which I will test on people under 18 and the other 10 on people over 35. I will give them a sheet of paper with a different word search on each side. I will sit them down and make sure they are not distracted. Then time them how long it takes to find six out of the ten words to avoid a problem at one tricky word. ...read more.

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