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Does The "New Man" Really Exist?

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Does The “New Man” Really Exist? – Richard Stopher


I have conducted a survey to see if the relationships between male and female partners are becoming more equal. Traditionally male and female partners had segregated roles. This means that there is a clear division and separation between the male and the female roles e.g. In a married couple with children the woman would stay at home and do the house work and the ironing, while the man would go to work from 9 till 5 then come home and expect his dinner to be on the table. He would also do every bit of DIY work; cut the grass; sort out all the bills etc. In all this time the man would very unlikely place a finger in the kitchen.

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For my survey I asked an equal amount of boys and girls the same 10 questions, these ranged from who brings in more money your mum or dad to who washes the evening dishes.image00.png


The results show that though the figures are changing and more men are helping, the majority of the jobs are still done by the women. But this is only things such as the cooking and the cleaning, knower days men are helping around the house and doing job which used to be seen and things a woman would do. Things like doing the weekly shop, which in most families is a shared chore; washing the evening dishes, can often been seen as a females job whilst

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mums if they were the ‘house husband’ and this would be a real test of there self consciousness of them not thinking that all the other men see them as different or more feminine. So over all I think that the “New Man” is well on its way to be more than a myth or and endangered species.

By Richard Stopher

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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