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Estate agents - It is essential that my current furniture fits into the house and into the chosen rooms

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Chris Seaman


In the near future, I am going to purchase a terraced house. However it is essential that my current furniture fits into the house and into the chosen rooms. To check that this is so, I shall produce scale drawings of the house I have chosen, first by converting the imperial units into meters and then into centimetres for which a scale can be derived. I shall also do this for each item of furniture for a chosen room. In order to check the accuracy of the calculations I will also be working out the actual figures using the dimensions given. Since most of my furniture will go into the living room, this is the room I shall choose. For this room I shall also calculate the amount of carpet required. I will also calculate both the volume and the area of the kitchen and the lounge for which I shall presume the height of the room is 2.5 meters.

From the leaflet I have been given there are several problems I must overcome, such as the placement of widows, doors and stairs, which is not specified.

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Area of the rooms

Kitchen ~ 12.5cm x 6.17cm = 77.125  ~ these are the dimensions from the scale plan

   This must now be multiplied by 900 for the reasons shown below

Length: 1:30

  Area: 12:302

giving: 1:900

Actual 77.125 x 900 = 69412.5 cm2

 To metres = 69412.5 / 10000 = 6.94125m2

Check by using dimensions given = 3.75 x 1.85 = 6.9375 m2

Lounge ~ 12.5cm x 12cm = 150 cm2~ these are the dimensions from the scale plan

         150 x 900 = 135000 cm2

 to metres = 135000 / 10000 = 13.5 m2

Check = 3.75 x 3.60 = 13.5 m2

Volumes of the rooms

Kitchen ~        12.5cm x 12cm x 8cm = 12000

This must be multiplied by 27000 for the reasons shown below

Length: 1:30

Volume: 13:303

Giving 1:27000

                1 m3=1000,000 m3

        12000 x 27000 = 32400000

        32400000 / 1000000 = 32.4 m3

Check = 3.75 x 3.60 x 2.40 = 32.4 m3

Lounge ~ 12.5 x 6.17 x 8.3 = 642.7

             642.7 x 270000 = 17353125

             17353125 / 1000000 = 17.35 m3

Check = 3.75 x 1.85 x 2.50 = 17.34 m3

Dimensions for scale drawings

I must now calculate whether or not my original furniture will actually fit into this house. I shall do this by taking the dimensions of the furniture I wish to put into the lounge. I must also calculate  the size of the stairs, and as the dimensions are not specified I will use the dimensions of the stairs in my current house.

Scale = 1:30 cm

Stairs ~ 240cm x 90cm

        In scale ~ 8 cm x 3 cm

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By comparing the two graphs produced, it is evident that it is not until around 4-5 years into my mortgage that I actually start to pay off the loan itself. For this initial period I am only paying off the interest on the loan. This is regardless of how high the monthly repayments are, as for the opening years of my mortgage I will only be paying off the interest. Increasing the monthly repayments only means the loan is paid off quicker. Using a monthly repayment of £750 the mortgage is completed after just 218 months. Although I have not printed off the whole spreadsheet using a monthly repayment of £500 as the process was taking far too long and too much paper, it took me over 500 months to complete the mortgage!

Using monthly repayments of £649.23, it has taken me 282 months, that’s 23 and a half years, to complete my mortgage. This just shows how carefully everything must be considered when purchasing a house and opening a mortgage. The price of the house must be considered in relation to your expenditure, annual salary and the lowest possible APR rates should be found. Your monthly repayments must also correspond with how much you can realistically afford.  

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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