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Examine the case for converting Finningley airbase into acommercial airport.

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Examine the case for converting Finningley airbase into a commercial airport.image00.png


        The former RAF airbase at Finningley near Doncaster has been the proposed site for a commercial airport for many years since its closure in the late nineties.  A proposal has now been put forward by Peel Airports Ltd. which seems likely to be accepted, this is a proposal for a major new international airport which will cause a large increase in the number of jobs available to people who already live in the local area.  I will now attempt to decide if there is a worthy case for converting Finningley airbase into a commercial airbase by looking at the costs and benefits of running a commercial airport at Finningley.  I will do this by researching the proposals made by Peel Airports and information taken from the enquiry and groups of protest and support.

        Peel Holdings PLC is a large company who invests in and develops shopping centres, retail developments and office properties around the world.  The Peel Airports Division also already runs the Liverpool John Lennon Airport and other Peel divisions operate the Manchester Trafford Centre and the Manchester Ship Canal.

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        The proposed airport offers many benefits to the local community and wider areas.  It will allow over 7,000 jobs to be created with over 5,000 of those being on the airport site itself.  More benefits come from Peel Airport’s proposal to give training and development to people in the area, so that they are able to take jobs at Finningley Airport.  The airport is also promising to help small businesses and enterprise.  The new airport will also create a huge increase in tourism in the area as passengers who find themselves on delayed or cancelled flights have to take rooms in hotels, and also there is the passing trade of people travelling to the airport from other areas of the country. The airport will also help residents of the local area by increasing house values.  Values of houses in small towns such as Retford will increase as new employees will wish to buy houses in areas which are close to the airport but not close enough to be affected by the noise pollution. A new infrastructure will also have to be created to help deal with the increase in traffic which will come with the new airport.

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        Even with the opposition from other airports in the surrounding area it does seem likely that Finningley airport will go ahead as planned.  This may mean that by 2014 there could be another international airport, operating from Finningley.  In my opinion this is a good thing as the benefits of the airport to the region outweigh the costs quite definitely.  The jobs created and the prospect of growth in the area seem to be much more important than the reasons given stopping the proposal.





Nuffield, Economics and Business Students Book, Longman, 2000

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