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Experiment to measure vital capacity of lungs.

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Madhav Manek 4V 11th September 2003 Experiment to measure vital capacity of lungs Aim: To evaluate three techniques for measuring vital capacity. Hypothesis: People, who are taller, play a lot of sport and/or play a musical instrument, which involves using your mouth, have larger lungs. Apparatus: -Flow Spirometer -Mouthpiece -5 litre water bottle -Rubber tube -Beaker of Sterilizer -Spirometer -Milton Solution Method: 1. For the flow spirometer is used to measure exhalation of air. You must reset the dial to zero and use a fresh mouthpiece before each use. After you have used it then put it into the Milton solution. 2. The second method is the displacement of water. You fill a 5 litre bottle with water. Hold it above a trough of water. Breathe out into it through a rubber tube as fully as you can, letting all the air out. Measure the volume. Rinse the mouthpiece in the Milton solution ready for the next person. 3. The third and final method is the Spirometer. ...read more.


Music Atif.S 2100 3750 3200 3015 173 Music/Asthmatic Analysis: In the results in noticed that people who played sports or played a musical instrument, which involved using the mouth, had reasonably higher averages, with the odd exception, than those who didn't do anything. I also noticed that the taller people got close to the musicians and the athletes, meaning somewhat higher than those who didn't do anything. One example of this is where one boy's height is 185cm and he's also an athlete and a musician has an average of 4400ml, whereas another boy whose height is 162.5cm and doesn't do anything has an average of 2280ml. As you can see there is a vast difference between the two examples. This goes to show that the hypothesis has been proven to be correct that tall people, athletes and/or musicians that play an instrument where their mouth is involved has larger lungs therefore a larger capacity. Conclusion: To conclude I would say that taller people have larger lungs and therefore a higher vital capacity. ...read more.


Another reason for this being the best method is that it was extremely easy to use and so could have been tried up to three or four times by a person within a minute. This wasn't necessarily a fair test as some people may have been a little bit ill and so unable to use maximum strength. If one particular person had a cold or another illness, then they wouldn't have been able to breathe in as much air as they would have been if they were fully healthy. The displacement method wasn't fully reliable as it wasn't accurate. To fill up a bottle without leaving any air was difficult and wasn't achieved. Another difficulty was that there was a bit if preparation to do and it was reasonably messy. The third method was quite a complicated one. This wasn't fully accurate as the reader had to be at exactly eye level to the measurements and there weren't enough measurements to get an accurate reading. It is for these reasons that method one was the best and some people were at a disadvantage if they were mildly ill. ...read more.

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