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Explain why some physical environments attract more human activity than others?

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Explain why some physical environments attract more human activity than others?

In the past, there were many reasons that some physical environments attracted more human activity than others did.

Good accessibility- often via roads or tracks along valleys or sometimes along the top of hill ridges.

Fertile Land, flat relief and grazing land- all needed for agriculture. Flat relief was also needed to build dwellings on.

Plenty of Water for washing, cooking and drinking (from a well, spring or river). The river must be easy to cross.Good drainage, avoiding flooding was also essential.

Shelter – protection from cold winds and driving rain, Building Materials was needed to build shelter. The materials needed to be wood or stone and readily available.

Near woodland – for building materials as well as firewood.

Route Centrea location where roads meet/cross.

 These factors are also important today when referring to human activity in physical environments, however, location factors take into account transport and accessibility and concerning housing, there are parts of the UK where there are severe shortages of houses so government policy also comes into being a factor.

London Docklands

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The LDDC (London Dockland Development Corporation) was set up following the decline of the Docklands area small with the rise of bigger to try to revive the area and to attract new businesses. The LDDC was set up in 1981 to regenerate and rejuvenate the area that had experienced physical and economic decay. It aimed to create the conditions for an industrial and commercial revival by removing certain tax controls, amongst other things.  The London Docklands area had all the right ‘ingredients’ for a populous area. The Thames was nearby so it had promising transport links and brilliant access to the other main cities in England through its route centre and many of the derelict buildings could solve the housing issues and the city held great interests so the buildings could be turned into offices.

The benefits for the Docklands area were a complete transformation from abandoned docks to a popular and thriving central London location.  It is estimated that 10,000 new jobs were created in the 1980s alone and close to a thousand companies have been attracted to locate in the area.

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Climate is also a factor in how densely populated a country has become. The Polar Regions have few people primarily due to the temperature constantly being below freezing throughout the year. Additionally snowfall is a steady occurrence, this fails the farming community, and many younger people move from the country to more economically developed countries. The population left behind are older dependents and the economy slumps further because of unemployment.  In areas such as the desert, the climate is very hot, this can lead to drought, and famine, which leads to these countries becoming dependant on more economically, developed countries for financial aid and more seriously national debt.

Aesthetic value is linked to a country’s global tourism and the effect human activity can have on the physical environment. Countries considered to have great natural beauty or a particular attraction such as the Niagara Falls in Canada are popular with tourists around the world. Moreover, those who retire often relocate to areas such as the English Countryside due to its peaceful environment away from the busy lifestyle of the city.

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